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Prayers for Muffin

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Just asking everyone to remember my Muffin. He will be going to the vet. at 8 am Monday morning for a teeth cleaning. I am nervous about it, but they all assured me he would do fine. Muffin is a sweetheart of a cat. The vet says Muffin always purrs, even when he is getting a shot. So keep the prayers going for him this weekend and especially Monday morning. They will keep him most of the day until the juice wears off and he can get around on his own. I will upday Monday evening when I know how he is.
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Muffin will remain in my prayers until safely home & recovered.
Please post about Muffin's recovery in this thread so we know were to look for updates.
PS...Muffin will have sweet, clean breath real soon.
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i hope she'll be fine
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I will be praying. My kitties go every year for a teeth cleaning.
It'll be fine, I am sure. ***hugs*** for YOU and Muffin!
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I'll remember him, but try not to worry. Dentistry is very routine procedure and I would even go as far to say that a spay is far more risky than a dentistry.

Anyways, you are doing the right thing and Muffin will feel much better in the long run.
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Muffin will be in my thoughts. I hate having to take my cat to the vet for anything, only because she's a basket case anytime we go. It sounds tho like Muffin gets along well with your vet, so that's very positive! Good Luck.
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Good luck for Muffin. I'm sure he'll be fine.
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You guys sure make me feel better about Muffin. He gets nothing else to eat until he comes through this thing. Our vet is a close friend and he depends on my husband for fishing tips. So believe me, I know he wants nothing to happen to this cat. We lost our 12 year old Max back in July to kidney failure and so we are just kind of over protective to these other two cats of ours now. I will post back on this thread tomorrow evening and let you all know how Muffin makes out. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.
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Oh, poor Muffin, going to the vet! If he is usually calm at the vet, he probably won't even know anything was done! LOL! By the time he wakes up, you will be picking him up to come home!

Hugs to you, and prayers that all goes well!
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Sending prayers and healthy vibes to Muffin tomorrow morning. Hope this time tomorrow you and Muffin are all smiles.

Looking forward to a great report tomorrow night.
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Muffin went to the vet this morning as scheduled for the teeth cleaning. The vet called me about an hour after I got back home. The bloodwork showed that Muffin has one liver enzyme that is elevated. It is supposed to be under 100 and is around 300. I don't have the paperwork yet. My husband is on the way there to pick him up now. The vet wants to put off the teeth cleaning and check his blood again next week. He said the fact it is only one enzyme makes it harder to explain, but also less likely that anything too bad is wrong. In other words, he thinks it may only be a temporary problem, but not sure at this stage. So Muffin needs some serious prayers this coming week. I have a large cat cage in the garage and he is going to spend some time there. The vet wants me to watch him for vomiting and runny stools, also lethargy. So far, to my knowledge, he has had none of that, but I can't be for sure about the runs since both my cats live outside confined within a fence in area. PRAY hard. and I will post back when I have some more news about him. The vet is sending home some antibiotic to treat him with too.
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This is a good example of why blood work should be done before a procedure.
Muffin....I will be praying for you sweetie pie.
Thanks for the quick update.
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The ALT was what was abnormal on the blood panel. The normal range is 20-100 and his was 304. Everything else was within the normal. Any ideas or suggestions from any of you.
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I don't have any idea but I hope its nothing serious.
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I don't have any suggestions, but I do have prayers for sweet pretty little Muffin.
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Hope the abnormal reading is just a fluke and that Muffin tests totally normal next week. If he's like my Candy was, I'll bet he'll be totally offended over being confined in a cage/kennel - especially while at home!!!

Sending healty vibes to Muffin and hugs to you and your husband.
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Just wanted to let everyone know Muffin seems to be doing great. He was separated from our other cat all day yesterday and part of today. I watched the litterbox and everything is normal. Muffin's appetite is normal. He is playful and was very pitiful while he was shut up in the pen in the garage. He meowed and tried to make everyone feel sorry for him. He is taking Clavamox two times a day. Honestly, he acts great and so far has had no symptoms of any kind to go along with the one elevated liver enzyme of his blood test yesterday. Keep the prayers coming. When he finishes this antibiotic in six more days, his blood will be tested again.
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It sounds like Muffin is doing really will.
I will keep my fingers crossed that the new lab results are normal.
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Sending lots of good vibes Muffins way.
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Muffin has finished the antibiotics and will be going at 10 am Friday morning to have his blood checked again. The vet will decide from the blood results what to do next. Please keep Muffin in prayers and believe that the elevated liver enzymne will be normal this time.
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Prayers and {{{{{Good Vibes}}}}} to Muffin. Hope everything goes well. Keep us posted.
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Sweet have my thoughts & prayers that your labs will be normal at last.
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good luck on friday muffin

i do hope muffins tests on friday are back down again and there is a chance they might be

my meirs recent results were through the roof,they came right down again after anti biotics,so hopefully muffin might just have an infection that clears up after his a

i'll keep everything crossed for little muffin
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Just wanted to let everyone know I had to put off Muffin's recheck on his bloodwork until next Fri. My hubby woke up poorly this am and that had to take first priority. I have to take him next Friday morning at eight. So keep the good vibes coming. He is acting normal. The ALT was the only enzyme elevated and it was around 300. If anyone has any input please respond or send me a pm. I need all the advice I can get as I have not dealt with this before. Has anyone out there had experience with their cat having only one elevated enzyme and it being the ALT.
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I did a search but was confused by the answers that I found.
You might want to start a new thread with High ALT??? or something similar as the title.
Be sure to remind us when you are taking Muffin for his labs next week.
Here's healthy vibes for your hubby.
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Awwwwwwww....I sure hope Muffin keeps feeling OK!!
I had a kitty named Muffin many years ago, and am very fond of that name!
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I hope Muffin is fine amd his next set of tests turn out normal
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Just wanted to let everyone know Muffin is at the vet's office now. He is finally having the blood test done again. I will be back on there today and let everyone know what the diagnosis is for him. He didn't eat this morning so they may go ahead and clean his teeth if his bloodwork is normal. Everyone be thinking of him. And thanks
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Hope everything is OK with Muffin and that he comes home with pretty clean teeth as well!!!
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