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Winter is still here......

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I saw Karen's thread on spring so I thought I would go outside real quick and take a few pics to prove that winter, sadly, is still here.....We're supposed to get at least 5" tonight::
Outside my apartment(gorgeous snowfall though)

My front door

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Looks like some pretty big flakes coming down out there...we are getting hit by snow as well tonight. They said we could get 15-30cm of snow over the next 24 hours. I just left the north though so this is making me feel right at home!
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It's snowing here too.
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The weatherman just said it will be getting real cold again here this week.
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Hey Courtney!!..just curious what kind of winter wonderland you woke up to this morning??. We had no snow on the ground yesterday and now everything is white here. Looks like it's going to be a stay in movie day
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We just got about 2 inches but it's still coming down a little. We were expecting 5-10" but I heard at work this morning that we were supposed to get 7-17" I'll update you when the day is over and let you know about how much more. But it is REALLY cold out there! How much did anyone else get?
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We ended up only getting about an inch or so - but I LOVED it!

We haven't had snow here in about 2 weeks - I am a winter wonderland lover - they said its supposed to be cold here for the new few weeks - FINALLY - winter is back!

I'm just glad that the ground is white again, instead of that nasty brown grass we've had for so long!
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