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Anybody Else Have Environmental Allergies?

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My whole life I've had terrible environmental allergies. I'm allergic to all kinds of plants, grasses, as well as dust and dust mites. Constant allergies has also led to chronic sinusitis. I'm at my wit's end trying to find some treatment that actually works. I've tried everything except the shots...which may be my next step if my new treatment plan doesn't work.

I've tried Claritin, Zyrtec, allegra, flonase...you name it.
I just started on nasonex and singulair...singulair is new, they used to just use it for asthma, but it blocks leukotrienes so they're using it for allergies now.

Has anyone had any success with any particular treatment regimen? My next step is shots and getting my sinuses vacuumed out...though my sister has joked that I should just live in a plastic bubble a la John Travolta...
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I use clarinex, and stay the heck away from outside!!
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I use Clarinex and Singulair, plus Proventil when that is needed. I still get stuffy, but it's much improved.
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I am allergic to everything you are, plus...CATS! I also have asthma. I run a large HEPA air purifier in the winter and that helps enormously. I take - Singulair, Flovent, Zyrtec and Proventil as needed. Our new house is all hardwood floors and tile as opposed to carpets and that has also helped.
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When I was a child, my allergies were beyond horrible. Basically, if it's in the air, I'm allergic to it - plants, molds, animal dander, pollution, everything. My eyes would swell shut at the worst times, I couldn't breathe through my nose most of the time. The best thing we ever did was getting those allergy shots. I got them from 6th grade until I went to college. But even now, many years later, my allergies aren't that bad anymore.
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My allergies did not start until I was 19 yrs old and in college. Basically ragweed. They have been much better in the past 5 yrs or so where I only take Allergra as needed. One of my sis-in-laws is on 180 mg Allegra daily!!! She had here sinuses clean too!! ( I call it Roto-Rootered sinus cleaning!!) I do not eat alot of fresh fruit due to some herbicides/pesticides being used that will cause my throat to swell shut!! I cannot predict what will trigger it-usually its melons. But lately I have been having headaches-don't know if its sinuses or not-humidity level in house is ok.
I agree with not having carpeting esp wool carpeting as that can really aggravate your situation.
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I've never had extreme allergies, but have known maybe people that can't live without their allergy medication. Heck, I use to work with someone who had to give her DOG allergy medication...now that's just wacky!

I've often wondered though what people did before environmental allergies?! I mean you read of Queens Mary (Bloody Mary) and Elizabeth I both having migraines, but did any one famous from the past sneeze during royal meetings due to their allergies?
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Yuck! I'm sorry for all you folks. I'm lucky in that I'm only allergic to pollens... but when spring comes...

Have any of you considered a homeopathic remedy? I don't, because mine aren't that severe, but I've heard there's some really effective treatments out there.
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
Has anyone had any success with any particular treatment regimen? ...
i have all your allergies plus cats. I get weekly shots and they have made all the difference in the world. As for the dust mites. Use down pillows and once a week out them in the dryer on high heat for 40 minutes, kills the little suckers in their tracks. And use a HEPA filter especially inthe bedroom and when you clean or dust, wear a filter mask.
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I have some nasty seasonal allergies at times. I've been on allegra lately but I'm switiching back to claritin due to a change in insurance. I only changed because the base stoped carrying it for allegra. Now that DH is basically out of the military I had my dr prescribe something that worked and is otc. Either way it will be expensive it seems.

DH takes flonase, zyrtec and I think singulair. Plus we run filters in the bedroom and livingroom/kitchen. DH is allergic to cats so it's a must for us!
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