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Lola's eye problem....need HELP!

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Hi, if you all remember, Lola is the tiny kitten I got late last year.
She has always had weepy eyes and I never thought it was anything to really worry about till lately.
All around her eyes is bright pink. I took her to the vet and they gave me the pink liquid anti-biotic and ointment. That was early this week. She does'nt seem to be getting any better. Her eyes still look pink and she is still draining and her eyes are sticky. She will wake up from a nap and one of her eyes will be stuck partially shut.
It's been long enought that the meds should've kicked in if they were going to.
Anyone have this problem before and what can I do????????
Besides taking her back to the vet.
I most likely will have to monday it seems.
She isn't acting like it bothers her, never did, but it can't be comfortable. She hates it when I put the ointment on her eyes, but that's no surprise.
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It takes awhile to clear up. As for putting in the ointment, clip you nail on your little finger. Wash your hands good. Put the ointment on your little finger, and guide the ointment into her eye. Be sure you don't jab her. Once it is in, then be sure to gently rub the eye to disperse the ointment.
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How long are the drugs prescribed for? You say you started them early this week, that is at like 4-5 days ago. I agree with you that you should have at least seen some improvement by now. I would bring her back in and see about getting some stronger medication.
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TY hissy for the info, I will keep trying!

and the liquid is till gone, the ointment just as long.
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I think I will call the vet monday and see if they want to use something stronger since the results are not being seen after this long. She was seen at the vet on this past monday and this is saturday!
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Lola's eyes still look horrible!! They are very pink and draining.

Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable until I can get her to the vet tomorrow??

This is not threatening to her long-term eyesight is it??
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I'd suggest getting a liquid instead of an ointment. some cats, like my Marsh, hate the ointment, and his eyes practically welded shut from it. but the liquid was great and the eyes cleared up in about a week.
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