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Talk about a trip down Memory Lane!

Pegging and rolling your pants (Did between '85 and '92)

Parachute pants (When I was into Metal)

Howard Jones (Didn't really start listening until '88 and I am stil listening to him as he is still pumping out albums!
www.howardjones.com )

Beastie Boys and RUN DMC!!


This one was done for a very short time (about 1987)...

Guys wearing socks that matched their dress shirts!
(Maybe just a CA thing?)
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Oh ya...I forgot to mention those Bonnie Belle Lip Smackers (the big ones, about 5 inches long and as big around as a quarter) anybody remember those??? My favorite was the Dr. Pepper one, but I had a whole bunch of them....it was the "in" thing to collect back then!
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I had a root beer flavoured Bonne Belle Lipsmackers lip gloss... my first cosmetic, I believe.

Also I had a Cabbage Patch Kid, a stuffed Garfield the Cat and several pairs of neon bobby socks to match sweatshirts with the neck cut out of them.
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They still make the lip smakers, I think, Debby! I liked the Dr.Pepper one, too.

Did anyone have the charm bracelets & necklaces ? They were made up of chain-linked plastic & you could buy the charms that clipped onto them?
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don't forget "pound puppies" and "pound purries"! i still have mine. the original big ones, not the remakes from a couple years ago. i boight a beanie "pound puppy" on clearance a while ago. talk about a trip down memory lane...was it a prelude to pet rescue?

does anyone remember "golden girl"? i had her instead of the she-ra dolls. i used to have them ride around on my "my little ponies". did anyone have the castles, or other things for their ponies?

i remember cabbage patch dolls too. i was never really into them or barbie though. but i had a couple barbies and cabbage patch dolls.

i love 80s metal too. big hair bands, lol!
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How about Gem? She was the barbiedoll type with the hair streaked with a light pink. She even had her own cartoon!

I have a small pound puppy.
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Speaking of dolls, this actually wouldn't have been in the 80's, it would have been in the early 70's...but I used to have these dolls, that were way bigger than barbies, that had hair that came out of a big hole in the top of their heads, and there was a little knob on their backs, you could turn to make their hair really short or really long....I had two...Mia and Velvet (the blonde & the brunette)....I still have them both and in their original dresses...one even has the box. Wonder if they are worth anything? They had a redhead one too, I believe her name was Chrissy, but I didn't have her. I loved those dolls!
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As a European, I'll bring other names... Modern Talking, Pet Shop Boys, Samantha Fox, Sabrina, Bad Boys Blue, Tiffany, Sandra... At tv: Miami Vice, McGyver, Hollywood Beat.
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Litteraven - I had the " My Little Pony" Castle, Grooming palour, Carriage and some other things too - that I can't remember, it was amazing!! Me and my sisters used to spend HOURS playing with them!! We even had the board game!! :LOL:
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Oh my gosh! This brings back so many memories...lets see what I remember...I had alot of these things...my little pony, cabage patch kids, lite brite, easy bake oven, care bears, rainbow bright, sorry, chutes and ladders, life, strawberry shortcake, neon colored socks (worn over the pants of course!), jelly bracelets, candy cigarettes (I wasn't allowed to have those though because my mom said that smoking was bad), ...I could go on and on...I had tons of barbies, the house and all the furniture, accessories, etc., chinese jump rope, candy bracelets and necklaces, boston baked beans ( I lived right near the factory that made those ), pound puppies, lipsmakers, pogo sticks, punky brewster, the box car children books...I remember EVERYTHING!!!

I wasn't allowed to watch the smurfs though because my parents thought that it was a bad show. I still to this day have probably only seen 1 or 2 episodes. Does anyone remember those things that look like a no smoking sign that you put the end of your t-shirt through or sidewalk chalk?
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