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The 80's

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who else was a kid in the 80's? remember when micheal jackson and madonna were cool? remember jelly braclets? cabbage patch kids. any one remember garbage pail kids? the smurfs, strawberry shortcake? about a month ago, we were at spencers at the mall and they had some strawberry shortcake stuff. i was freaking out. i could'nt believe it! my husband thought i was nuts. when you think back to your child hood, what do you think of? what makes you smile?
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I was definitely a child of the 80s! Do you watch That 80s Show on Fox? It is hysterical!

My best friend had a Cabbage Patch Kid and I was so jealous because I just had one that my aunt made special for me. No designer label or anything. I was a stupid kid. She also had a stuffed animal Ewok from Return of the Jedi. I finally got one a couple years ago.

I remember the whole Michael Jackson and Madonna thing, but since my older sister liked heavy metal/glam rock that's what I thought was cool. (OK, so I still do. That's what my husband DJs - they have a whole 80s Rock Night and it is doing really well.) I remember faithfully watching The Dukes of Hazzard, The A Team, and Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. I thought Smurfs were dumb but Barbie ruled and we didn't have to have the story lines pre-built into the doll. My favorite cartoon was Dungeons and Dragons, but we always watched Loony Toons cuz Dad liked Wiley Coyote.

Gosh, I better stop or I'll be talking about this all day!! :tounge2:
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When the cabbage patch kid craze first hit. i was 9. i wanted one sooo bad. finally i got one that christmas. i was heart broken. it was a FAKE! i cried. i probally made my mom fell really bad looking back on it. she said the stores were sold out. i did like the A-TEAM. I even had a crush on murdock. yuck! does any body here remember a show called double trouble? with 2 twin sisters? they had shoulder lenth brown hair? well, i had long pretty brown hair. i wanted it cut like theirs. my mom told me i'd regret it. i begged and begged. she was right. i cried after it was cut. yeah, i was a big cry baby.:laughing2
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Another 80's kid here!! I loved the Smurfs, and had 4 Cabbage Patch Kids! I was also crazy about The Care Bears . I watched The Dukes of Hazzard every single Friday night with my dad, it was our father/daughter bonding time :laughing:

Do you guys remember a cartoon called the Snorks? I found a Casey Snork figurine on Ebay I just HAD to have.

I remember the Michael Jackson craze as well, I had the Thriller tape and used to play it on my clunky tape recorder I used to have a whole stack of MJ trading cards, the ones that came with the gum, I have no idea what happened to them I even remember getting MJ stickers under my pillow from the 'Tooth Fairy" :LOL:

I'm ashamed to admit going through a glam band phase as a 12-13 year old. I loved Poison and Motley Crue Thank goodness my taste in music got better with age
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Johnny West and Thunderbolt? The Happy Hollisters, All of A Kind Family, The Bobsey Twins, candy cigarettes, candy necklaces, boston baked beans in a box. Beatles trading cards, MAD Magazines, Thumbelina, Tiny Tears, Sisterbell? Skat Scooters, pogo sticks?
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I remember Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids, STrawberry Shortcake, He-Man, and The turles.

I remember the Smurfs, Care Bears, Punky Bruster, Love Boat, Dukes, The Incredible Hulk, The Jeffersons. I was in love with the Hulk! And He man.

I love 80's music! I found a station that puts that kind of music on. I remember all of it. Billy Idol, Madonna, Bon Jovi, Journey(Eye of the Tiger), Van Halen, I have My mind set on You! cindy Lauper, Duran Duran, Thompson Twins, all of them.

Jup, I defently loved the 80's!
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yeah, i actually had my bedroom done in care bears. i have seen some really cute baby tees in a punk store at the mall with care bears and strawberryshortcake on the front. when i shed this weight, i'm gonna get a few. i love the 80's. i actually keep my radio on a mainly 80's station. ahhh. rainbow brite and my little pony. i loved them too! gee, i feel old. cuz i have to say them where the good o'days.

heres some, Pac-Man, Alf, The Goonies, Ghostbusters, ET, Mama's Family, the Facts of Life,
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Originally posted by hissy
Johnny West and Thunderbolt? The Happy Hollisters, All of A Kind Family, The Bobsey Twins, candy cigarettes, candy necklaces, boston baked beans in a box. Beatles trading cards, MAD Magazines, Thumbelina, Tiny Tears, Sisterbell? Skat Scooters, pogo sticks?
I have NEVER EVER heard another breathing human being refer to the Happy Hollisters. I had the entire series of their books.

BTW, MAD Magazine is still around and still funny, although however much it costs still says "cheap" next to it, and that ain't so true anymore.
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But I read all the books over and over, also The Boxcar Children were another series I loved. Being that mother was a librarian, I grew up in libraries and these were my favorite books, besides the obvious, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.....*G* I can even still picture the illustrations in All of A Kind and remember when my mother decided to take one of the lessons out of the book to teach me and my sisters how to dust right. She hid pennies in hard to dust places and we got to keep them if we found them.

Let's see, now that I've thought about it, there was Pete, Holly, little sue and Zip the collie and white nose the cat with her kittens....
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The books I remember reading were The Black Stallion, Judy Blume books like Blubber, SuperFudge, Freckle Juice, and others.

I also remember the first video games. The first one is where the black and white game of tennis, handball. The one with the stick going up and down and a ball hitting the wall.

Then there is Atari. I loved Atari. My favorite games were Pac Man, Space Invaders, Leap Frog, Qbert, and Centepede!
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Freckle juice is the best book ever!!!

Also She-ra, her cartoon was awesome. I used to have this doll.

I used to love playing Atari w/my grandparents. Ebay has old ataris for sale, but they are about 100.00. Too much for me, but it would be fun.

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Remember when MTV was still cool??? When they actually played videos? When the only program changes were the different VJs?

I remember the Snorks! They were a total Smurfs ripoff. :laughing: Actually, the channel Boomerang plays all of these old cartoons! Well, not all of them but I have seen He-Man, Snorks, Johnny Quest, Yogi Bear, stuff like that. It's owned by Cartoon Network so they have the Warner Bros. and Hanna Barbera cartoons.

Did anyone else have one of those early computers? We had a Radio Shack TRS-80 with the cassette player that ran programs. Boy have we come a long ways since that.

Melissa - no need to be ashamed of that music. I was a total metal babe back in the day! Heck, I still listen to it and it is actually making a comeback. I loved Motley Crue, Skid Row, Poison, Van Halen, LA Guns, all that stuff. (And don't forget - Pretty Hate Machine was actually recorded in 1989 :tounge2: )
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You're right- the Snorks were a Smurf rip-off- underwater smurfs is all they were

I didn't get a computer until the Radio Shack Tandy 1000's came out. They were pretty lame by todays standards- I was impressed to be able to run Print Shop :LOL:

Hey, Heidi- you're right! So technically NIN is an 80's band- whaddaya know Trent was just a yung'un then- wasn't he only 18 or 19??
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Another 80's kid here!!! I had a rainbow bright doll and sparky, her friend. I would take them everywhere with me!! I watched The Smurf's, Shera: Princess of Power, Rainbow Bright, Hercules, The Care Bears....all those "oldies". I had a cabbage patch kid, but, like a few of us, it was a fake one. My grandma made me and my sister one, and at first, I thought they were real, authentic cabbage patch kids, but later, my friend told me it wasn't like hers, and hers was a real one! I was sooo heartbroken.
I also remember playing with My Little Pony figures. And I watched the cartoon.
I was really into Barbie though.
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I was a total Barbie freak! Actually, I still have most of them (though not in very good condition), and I collect Barbies now.

Anyway, back to the 80s - I had the Pretty in Pink Barbie, Beauty Secrets Barbie, Starr (stupid teenage barbie who couldn't wear any of Barbie's clothes), Western Barbie and Ken (Barbie winks and has a stamp!), Golden Curls (she had strands of copper wire in her hair so when you used the "curling iron" it would stay curled), two horses Dallas and Midnight, the corvette, and the Barbie townhouse.

Has anyone else been to the Cabbage Patch Hospital? It is in Georgia somewhere around Athens. It is actually pretty cool. I was there for a "birth" so I got to see a Cabbage Patch Kid born from the cabbage. They have a little CPK museum and of course you can "adopt" one. The coolest thing was that in glass cases they had CPK as members of the armed services who had won medals of honor.
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I also had a lot fo Barbie stuff. I love the Barbie head where you can comb and put make up on her.

Remember the record player? I had one. I like the Superfriends. I like the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine, Lite Brite, Easy bake Oven. I remember playing chinese jump rope with my friends.
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Oh how well I remember the 80's!!!!

I was a freshman in high school in 1980, graduated in 1984, and married (the first time) in 1986.

I remember Care Bears so well!! I wanted one on my 18th birthday, believe it or not, and mom got it for me, but she said she couldn't believe she was buying a teddy bear for me at age 18!! :laughing:

I was also heavily into the barbie doll scene...up until I was about 16 I still enjoyed them!! I had the townhouse with all the furniture, and the barbie airplane, barbie camper, etc...
Heck, I even had the Donnie & Marie Osmond Barbies!! :laughing: (wish I still had them)

I was totally into Judy Blume and Nancy Drew!! (Nancy first, then Judy)

Does anyone remember those big long twisted like a pretzel candy bars called 'Marathon' bars??? They were chocolate and carmel. Wish they still made them, I loved them!!

Oh and Nena...I had a lite brite too!!!
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Wow, what a trip down memory lane for me. I also grew up in the 80's. Let see, I remember Lite Brite, Care Bears, Smurfs, Cabbage Patch Kids, Rainbow Brite, Easy Bake Ovens, Shrinky Dinks, Judy Blume, Nancy Drew, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Hardy Boys, Pack Man, Atari, Ghostbusters.........

Geesh, I could go on and on!!!!!!!!!
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I was a young adult by the time the 80's rolled around. But, I stood in line for 8 hours to get Michael Jackson tickets so I could take my 3 nieces. I have bought my share of cabbage dolls, care bears, strawberry shortcake, barbies, and have played, more than once, with the whole Ewok village (again, for and with my 3 nieces). Now, the Smurfs are my favorite, still watch them on the cartoon network when I can catch them. I probably still have drinking glasses that I got from Hardee's with the Smurfs on them. Watched the Dukes of Hazard, in fact, the General Lee was in Knoxville once and took my nephew to it and had his picture made beside of it.

Now, if I remember correctly the 80's also brought big hair, roll you pants up above your ankle, Dallas (who shot JR)....

Hissy, I remember candy cigarettes, candy necklaces, boston baked beans in the box, and I had a Thumbelina doll that when you pulled her string she moved like a real baby.
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How about board games. I loved playing Chutes and Ladders, Life, Connect Four, Candy Land, Trivial Pursuit, Sorry, Trouble, Memory, Operation, and Battle Ship. They are still on sale but I love this games. When my children are older, I am going to introduce them to these games.

Actually, I will try and get them Memory and Connect Four. And maybe Candy Land.
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I love That 70s Show! Jackie has my high school wardrobe. I used to sneak off to the disco to dance a couple times a month. They would have barrd me permanently from the rock n roll bar if anyone found out!
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I was a kid during the 80's, too! I had the jelly bracelets. I had a care bear, a cabage patch doll & my little ponys, too!:tounge2: I remember when Tiffany & Debbie Gibson were big, too.
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Missy, I still have my Thumbelina doll. Her hair is mighty messed up, but she still moves. The music doesn't play anymore though. I have Sisterbelle that still talks and my Raggedy Ann doll. But boy, I wish I still had my Barbie, Midge, Skipper, Pepper, Dodi, Alan and Ken dolls, and all my Hummels I collected way back when....
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I had barbies, too!
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OMG!!! I remember alomost every single thing you guys have mentioned!!! :LOL:!! I LOVED Raninbow Bright, Smurfs, Care Bears (my sisters and I even mad a special "Care Bear club" in our garden shed!! :laughing: ) My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch kids, etc etc etc etc... :LOL: Fave though HAS to be Barbie!!!Have you SEEN the actual collectors Barbies?!?!? They are fantastic!! I also used to love "Keepers" - those weird plastic toys like snail or something thay had a key to open their shell with... anyone remember them or do I sound loony!??! and OMG - Judy Blume and Nancy Drew books!! I think I had every single one!! hahaha .... oh and what about The Enchanted Wood books? by Enid Blyton??? Best books ever! (Remember Silky, and Moonface and the Saucepan Man?!?! :LOL: ) Oh man I could go on for ever!!

At the risk of sounding totally dumb.... I just have to ask, do any of you remember "Orm and Cheep"?? Maybe it was just a UK thing I don't know.... but I used to love it when I was little...
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I STILL freak out when I see a box of Boston Baked beans or the candy necklaces and boy do I remember the candy cigarettes. We thought we were soooo cool! OK - ....(dating myself here) How about early early TV? Sky King and his neice Penny? I had a Chatty Kathy Doll that I still have - the records were so good that you stuck in her side. How about mascara that came in a little tin and you had to wet it and then put it on your eyes with a small brush? Hula Hoops anyone??????
I still chuckle when I see the pic of my big brother with his first transister radio that was like the size of a big old kleenex box! Ran on batteries........ooohhhhhhhh!
Paper doll kits of Jackie Kennedy?
Metal tuucks and a sand box filled with little green plastic army men?
The original barbie?
A big old heavy pink (no less) Schwinn bike with fat tires and NO gears to shift........
Peddle pusher pants......
"Big" hair......

oh, I have to stop now!
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Bodlover - I actually collect the collector's Barbies. You are right - they are beautiful. I guess I never outgrew Barbie after all!

And there were some horrible fashion trends in the 80s! Remember when florescent neon was big? And wearing 3 pairs of socks to match the outfit of course over your pants? Leg warmers - what were we thinking?? The 80s was all about layers like the whole Madonna thing. The bigger the hair the better it was. Makeup was heavy and generally blue - even the mascara!

Scary thing is that it is all starting to come back in style! Some things were better left in the 80s...
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Heidi!! Thats cool!! Im still trying to convince hubby that they are NOT a kids toy.... :laughing: they're not, but he just see's them as dolls I almost bought an amazing one from ebay the other day, I think it was one from the Hollywood collection, she was fantstic, and Marylin Monroe one I think?? Anyway, someone out bid me and I couldn't justify paying out £80 for it... poo.... :LOL:
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Let's see, I remember.......

Care Bears, I had 4 of them

Strawberry shortcake, I had several of the dolls and the strawberry trolly, a couple of the record read along books

Cabage Patch Kids, I had 2 of them and their pony

Rainbow Bright, I had the sheets and bed spread, the doll with sleeping accessories, and a couple of the sprites

My little pony, I was very sad that I never got any

The Get-a-long Gang, I had the sleeping bag


Leg warmers

Michael Jackson
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Hissey, My mother's friend gave me her old Bobsey Twins' book. I thought the illustrations looked old fashioned. I got more out of the library, though. When I got older I looked at the book again. The copyright was cerca 1920! Of course, many to the Nancy Drew books were written in the '30's, but it didn't matter to me or my daughters.
My daughter had Thumbelina, Pretzel Jetzel, a pogo stick, and later, a bed full of Care Bears. The older daughter was a real Smurfs fan, and has a huge collection. She doesn't display it any more, though. She's into crystal. Gee, it was cheaper to buy Smurfs!
I was in college in the 80's, majoring in music ed. I've always loved classical music, especially Verdi and Beethoven. (Yes, I know that's not cool! It wasn't cool when I went to high school either!) Anyway, I was an adult. The professor gave us the assignment of transcribing the Ghostbusters theme, assigning the correct instruments to the different parts, etc., so I had to listen to it repeatedly. This was ear training, of course. Eventually, my 8 year old said, "That's your favorite song, isn't it, Mommy?" I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I said, "One of them!!"
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