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Why do I feel so bad?????

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I know I was in the right today and now I feel horrible.
It all started when I went to the bank and got our change order for the day. I came back to the store and tossed it in the safe to count a little later when I had some time. Anyway I go back to it and find that they gave me $100.00 too much. Now here's the thing, I call the bank and tell them that they gave me too much money, the lady is very thankful that I called. I felt very good, even though I KNEW I could have kept the money and they'd have no way of getting it back(Lord knows I could use it right about now). So I tell my co workers, and they proceed berate me on how they'd have kept the money and how Uncle Sam owes us blah, blah, blah. SO now I feel just horrible. I know I did the right thing, but why do I feel so bad about it?
They(my co workers) told me that if the tables were turned, the lady at the bank wouldn't have done that for me. Ok fine whatever believe what you want, but I have to ask, do YOU think I did the right thing? Or should I have kept the money and not said anything?
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Yes of course you did. Ask your co-workers if they have ever heard the expresion "Do as you would be done by"
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I think you did the right thing. Regardless of what other people say or what the bank would have done if the situation were reversed.
You were honest, and honesty is always the best policy!
Your coworkers are probably just jealous because they realize you're a better person than they are--and nobody likes realizing that they aren't always honest.

I applaud your decision and your honesty!!
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You absolutely did the right thing!!! That person at the bank would have had to pay with her own money.

Don't feel bad for being the honest person you are!!
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If you think you feel bad now, just think how you'd feel if you had kept the money and the bank had pressed charges. I absolutely think you did the right thing. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity!
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Of course you did the right thing..Don't let anyone try and tell you that you didn't. Being a honest person is something to feel very good about.
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You absolutely did the right thing.
This quote by Chilton says it all: "Prefer a loss to a dishonest gain; the one brings pain at the moment, the other for all time."
Be glad you are you and not your co-workers.
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Thank you everyone. I just can't stand the thought of stealing, even a few $$$, let alone that much money. Even if they can't trace it, someone is responsible for it and will be in trouble for that. And like Jeff said, is it really worth risking charges for??? The sad part is all of my coworkers would've taken the money and ran. That alone says alot to me. To know that if I'm ever missing $$$ noone would ever tell me because they would want it for themselves. That's sad. I've always been an honest person and I will not change my ways for anyone. I just needed to hear someone elses opinion on the situation.
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Karma, sweetie. It will come back around someday and hand you a nice pleasant surprise, because you did the right thing. DON'T feel guilty!
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I think you did the right thing. Maybe you feel bad now, but imagine how you feel if you spent it, and had what you needed, but at the cost that it doesn't belong to you. I'm not sure about other people, but that would certaintly give me a heap of guilt.

This feeling will pass. Later you'll feel what you should. You deserve to feel special for what you did. Good job. Keep letting that concience lead you the right way.
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Yes you did, I'm a strong believer in Karma.

When my fiance and I were living in the car we struggled through things, so when we got our first apt. I made a vow to always help those in need. This lady at Walmart was having to pick and choose over HEALTHY foods because she was about $20 short. I payed for the rest of her grocieries, remembering the times when i was like that, and I was hurtin for money, but not that bad.

Now I'm in a beautiful 2 bedroom, fully furnished, and for some reason, money always comes our way when we're the most desperate for it.

You absolutely did the right thing, and the world needs more people like you in it. Be proud of yourself, and know that if you continue doing good things, good things will come your way.
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Of course you did the right thing. It's very possible the teller would have been fired if you hadn't called the bank. I know if I would have kept the money, I wouldn't have been able to sleep at night just thinking about that.
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This isn't even a point for discussion. Of course you did the right thing. Your co-workers are wrong. Period.
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Uhh...I worked at the IT department of a bank before. First of your Co-workers WRONG WRONG WRONG in the part about keeping the money (which I wouldn't feel bad about standing up for what I believe in...they should for being selfish) and about the teller. Tellers get their drawer counted through out the day. So if she were off her manager would've spotted it. If she tried to pocket it, that would definitely be picked up by a camera. In which case she would be caught and fired. If you knew how many cameras a bank has (not including the ones that are visible) you would be amazed.
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Why do you feel so bad? Because your co-workers let you down. You thought better of them, and were severely disappointed by their attitude. What YOU did was right. And they not only made it clear they would have done differently, they put down your honesty. WRONG on both counts.

Hold your head up, and give yourself a pat on the back -- what goes around comes around.
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You have nothing to feel bad about. You should be proud that you did the right thing. Your coworkers are giving you a hard time because they all know that they are not as decent and honest as you are. They should be the ones that feel bad.
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You right, they wrong. Simple. I once took money back to a shop when I got too much change. And the girl was so grateful because she would have been responsible and had realised what she had done after I had left. She had been worrying herself sick about it. Your conscience is clear and that is worth having.
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You did the right thing! I would never take the money. My grandpa returned 30 cents once and the person looked at him like he was crazy. I too believe in karma. We had to walk to get groceries a lot of the time and it was very hard (me and my brother were little). A very nice lady stopped and offered us a ride. My mom said no, but she saw how tired we were from walking in the heat and said yes. The next day we heard a knock on the door. When we go there we saw the same lady holding a book and an envelope. She said wonderful words that I can't remember, handed the stuff to our mom, and headed toward her car. Mom opened the envelope and in it was $300! My mom ran out to get her, but she was already gone. I will never forget that person. She didn't even leave her name, just initials. She didn't seem to be rich or anything, just a wonderful person which is what you are.
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You did the right thing. It's disturbing to me that your coworkers can justify stealing. The back accidentally deposited money into my grandpa's account recently and he called them right away when he realized there was too much in his account. He wouldn't have done anything different because he is a good person and so are you.
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As others have said you shouldn't feel bad. Who cares if your co-workers say you should have kept it!!..at least now you know what kind of people they are. You'll be able to sleep at night knowing that you did the right thing.
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Wow. I think I would have said, "Gee, I guess I'll know never to leave my purse out where you guys can get to it." I'm sorry for you; it must be depressing to work with the morally bankrupt. (I think Fran is right; one of the reasons you feel bad is that you thought more of your coworkers.)
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You did the right thing. I've had it happen before and done the very same. What is wrong with those co-workers of yours?? They should be the ones feeling horrible, not you!
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You did the right thing. I used to work in a bank. If our drawer was over or under by a significant mount, we had to find out why.

Once I shorted a customer by $100. I was 99% sure that I did and sure enough my drawer was over when it was time to balance. I called the customer, she didn't think I had, but I insisted that she come to the bank to collect what was rightfully hers.
As a bank employee, it was just as bad to be over as it was to be under. If we made too many mistakes, it could mean losing our jobs.

If my drawer was under, it was a nightmare.
Once I had to go to the basement to dig through a whole week's worth of trash to find a lost check!!
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I agree with all the posts! You are a very special, honest person, and that means a lot. I'm sorry your co-workers are not as honest as you are. Very scary if you are all handling money for the company you work for!

I hope you are feeling better now, because you should be very proud of yourself!
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Personally I think you did the right thing, but don't expect all of your coworkers to agree. Remember that although we're all in the same game, many people are playing by different rules than you and have different 'win' conditions....
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Originally Posted by strykerx0
Personally I think you did the right thing, but don't expect all of your coworkers to agree. Remember that although we're all in the same game, many people are playing by different rules than you and have different 'win' conditions....
The sad part is NONE of them agreed with me returning the money. Not even the manager! Now what does that say about our morals at my place of employment? nothing good I tell you. I feel better today, I am still disappointed about the way my coworkers told me what a "looser" I was for giving the money back, but I will get over it. I know deep down that I did the right thing and I guess I just needed some honest people to help me realize that. Brad kept telling me over and over last night that I did the right thing so I know he's truely a great person also, as well as you all are!!!!! Thank you for helping me get over a little disappointment. Truely everyday seeing those people now more then ever I will know in the back of my mind there's always a posibility of theivery, but I guess there's that possibility everywhere you go, just not as obvious. (and not from the crew AND management staff)
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You most certainly did the right thing. I guess you feeling bad about it is more about how disappointed and surprised you are that your co-workers would so easily have kept the money as if they had deserved it. That person at the bank could have possibly lost their job over that mistake or got in trouble for it. It's even better that your husband agreed with you, because at the end of the day, that's who you need the most support from in the morals department.
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I too agree with what all the others have said. A unexpected "windfall" for you would have meant pain for someone else. Feel good that you did the right thing.
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Good for you fro doing the right thing! Karma is a B. If you would have kept the money it would have come back on you. But you gave it back and you will get something POSITIVE in return. Hey you should buy a lottery ticket, you may win!! You have made my faith in the good in people even stronger. THank you!!
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I would feel terrible, too, if I were surrounded by people whose honor is of such little importance to them that they would sell it for a paltry hundred bucks.

You did the right thing. You work with slime, though.
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