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The store in Appleton is called Mystic Ireland.Phone #920-830-9711. Its been in business a long time in Appleton.
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Thank you, I will look it up!
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I would do a chair rail& beadboard where there's no cabinets and stain them dark. Also you can buy textured wallpaper, that is paintable, but comes in white. It's stone texture. it's very typical in germany anyway, and I've seen it in the US
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I don't know how to do a poll, but what would you think would be nicer?
Irish Cottage -or-
Irish Pub?
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Depends on the look you are going for. Irish Pub would obviously be more alcohol related - you could get some of the old Guinness posters and put them on the wall, display some pint glasses, etc. The cottage theme would be a bit more subtle.

Personally, I don't know if I would want my kitchen in the Pub style. We have an unfinished room over our garage that my husband eventually wants to do Pub style with a bar, pool table, etc. I think it might be more appropriate for a game room or something like that.

It's all about you though, not what we think. What attracted you to this idea? What did you picture in your head when you decided on this theme?
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The look has changed in my head slightly from pub to cottage....I'm not a gigantic drinker and the cottage idea seems more me--homey feeling like the rest of my house is.
I actually picture lace curtains, distressed wood, plants, an open-faced cabinet to display my salt and pepper shaker collection (It's small right now but I add to it when I go to flea markets, mostly odd looking antique ones) I see cream walls with green accents....I can't do wallpaper cuz my landlord makes us paint it white again before we move out and that would be a lot of work if I ever move. I could do a border or stencil. I saw this really cool dark wood distressed ladder that would be perfect, except it's $50! But it would look so cute in there. For some reason I want a bowl on the table with those round balls made out of grape vines, you know what I mean? I think those look neat....
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Just wait until i photoshop a picture of teufel and kaylee with some irish things on it! you can print it and stick it on your wall
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That would be sweet! I did see picture of an Irish bar with a cat sitting on it, I wanted to bid on it on Ebay but it was like $50! Your way would be much cheaper!
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