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Pregnant cat - need help

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Hello, my name is Carolyn and my cat is pregnant...I don't know what to do! She is in week 7 and she is walking around the house looking for a nesting area. I am really afraid something will go wrong she is past her due date!
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my kitty is pregnant and i dont know when she will deliver!
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Just letting you know - this is a message board, and not a chat room. Replies to questions aren't necessarily immediate.
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Has she been seen by a vet? How old is she? Is this her first litter?
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If she is in her 7th week, she is nowhere near her due date yet. A cat's pregnancy lasts approximately 63 days (9 weeks) and 59-69 days is considered normal.
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I second Kumbulu. 7 weeks is too soon and cats very rarely deliver prematurely.
Now if you don't know the exact breeding date and you are guessing she is around 7 weeks, then yes she may be close to delivering. Have you checked her nipples for size and milk production? If there is no milk, changes are she is not ready yet to deliver.

Difficulties during kittening is uncommon in most cats, unlike dogs that can many things go wrong. In fact many cats, if not giving a nesting area before hand will go find some remote area and most owners will not find them until all the kittens have been delivered. This process can take many hours. Once you can see the first kitten, they should be delivered within 15 minutes. The time inbetween kittens should can be longer, even as much as 12 hours (though if this is her first litter, I wouldn't wait more than 4 before seeking help).

If at anytime your cat appears seriously sick (i.e. not eating and extremely tired) you should then bring her to the hospital right away. Fetal death is rare, but it does happen and can make the mother extremely sick and even die. I don't want to scare, you just warn you to watch out for any problems.
As I said above 99% of the cats out there have no problems and most likely this will go off with much effort on your part.

To help her though, if you haven't done so already, I would make her a nice warm bed spot (either a cardbox with a soft blanket in it, or a pet bed that she likes). Have the area be out of the main portion of the house in a quiet, somewhat dark, space.

Once she starts having the kittens, try not and bother her too much. Let her do her motherly thing for the first day. Just sit back and watch nature take its course. It would help to have your camera ready too.
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If you are concerned about your cat....a vet visit is good idea.

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