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My cat is such a strange cuddler...

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She isn't much of a cuddler, actually, but when she gets in the mood, she is very cuddly and wants to be picked up. She isn't happy to sit on my lap to cuddle, she has to be carried in my arms and up to my neck, like she wants to hug me. She loves to be carried like a baby, up to look over my shoulder. Then she'll start to drool.... while cuddling and purring. She's started climbing so high now that she'll end up standing on my shoulders! And then around my neck and down in my arms again. Strange that she doesn't hardly ever come to sit on my lap, but often she'll be very happy to be lifted up as long as I hold her in my arms. And maybe walk around with her, even. She loves to be cuddled then, but just doesn't want to be on my lap.

The funny thing is that both of these two 6 -7 mo old kittens of ours prefer to be with my dh. I am the one who is cat-crazy here, and he couldn't care less, seems like. He doesn't dis-like them, but he wouldn't mind if we gave them away tomorrow. He will protect them and make sure they are doing well, but that's all. And he'll giggle at things they do sometimes. But at night, when we sit down in the couch to watch a movie, he always sits in a certain spot, and I'll sit next to him. The cats will then come, both of them, and go to sleep on HIS lap. My lap is wide open, waiting for a cat to come along, but NO! They will go to him and only him. And he doesn't care......
One time I sat down in his spot, and he sat down in mine. Both cats were like , standing on the floor, just looking at me. They didn't go to either one of us that night! Totally confused!
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Awww...nothing like a good cuddle while you're trying to watch tv. My cat likes to crawl up high and drool too.
Sounds like typical cat behaviour that they go to the one who doesn't want a cuddle!
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i heard of this thing people did with a cat a kind of test
that one person would call the cat over and stuff and the other would sho him away. and the cat actualy went to the person that was shoing him. its so weird

my cat isnt quite the cudler eather she used to hate it but now since she doesnt get outside anymore when you sit on the floor she'l come lay on your lap purring loud. and she loves to be carried around more too (as long as she doesnt have to go into the tub)
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