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Took Layla to the vet a couple days ago and was told she had Giardia which explained the streaks of blood in her poop.
The vet said she proboaly got it from one of the other cats from the shelter.
I know that Giardia is a protozoa and comes from drinking stagnant water.
Anyways, prescribed Metronidazole and he wants me to switch from Science Diet to Iams. I found this odd since I've heard not so good things about Iams so I sought another opinion from a different vet who told me that I shouldn't switch the food since it will upset her tummy and that Science Diet is a better choice than Iams.
I haven't switched her food yet and I was wondering what your opinon is on

Thanks in advance.
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Did you ask the original vet why they recommended Iams? Was there a certain ingredient they were concerned about in the Science Diet? Was the Science Diet a prescription food? I personally do not like either Iams or Science Diet (except for prescription SD since it is treating a specific medical condition). There are healthier foods with fewer preservatives, but it is important to know why the vet made that recommendation.
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He didn't tell me why he chose Iams and it's the reg. SD dry.
But I bet he wanted me to change it cause of a specific ingredients now that you mention it.

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Both Science Diet and Iams are both good foods to feed.
Why you vet would pick one over the other is most likely because that is the company they deal with. Unfortunately this is the case most often. You can tell by looking at the prescription diets on the shelf. Sure there usually do have a few other brands, but most clinics carry one brand exclusively. It is easier marketing. You only need to know about one companys different types of food.

Since she is currently on Science Diet I would just keep her on it. The only time I would suggest a client change foods is if there is a specific medical condition that needed a certain type of food or if they are feeding a so called junk food (i.e. meow mix and other no name foods that you find in the grocery store).
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Sorry I forgot to write one more thing.

You probably already know this, but if you don't. Please be careful when you handle her stool. Giardia can affect humans, just like it does other animals.
Just don't want you getting sick.
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Just to add my experience - my boys both had giardia when I rescued them off the streets. It took two months of metrodinazole and then three weeks of doxycillin to clear it completely. It can be nasty to get rid of completely.
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2 months?
Whoa, I didn't realize it would be that long!
Well, no matter how long it takes, I'll tough it out.
Oh, and thanks for your concern catdvm, I always
wash my hands thoroghly when I scoop her box.
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