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Cat playing or fighting with new dog.

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I have a 10 month old cat (Mittens) and just got a 3 month old chihuahuha (Alex). They started smelling around eachother right away and started playing. My cat has never hissed when he's introduced to another animal. They play, roll around with eachother and chase alot. How do I know if it's getting to rough though?? After they calm down a bit the dog attacks the cat just the same to start again. When they are rolling around playing they dont hiss or bark or make any pain noises but it looks rough. When they are playing together the dog always has his tail wagging and hopping at the cat. They sleep by eachother once in awhile and are fine. Is it ok to let them play yet or should it be stopped? Thanks
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Our dog is well over 50 lbs. and plays with our cat who is only 12-13 lbs. They bait one another into a game of chase and have never gotten into a squabble. It sounds like your two are playing in the same manner. If there is no hissing/claws coming out or growling/pinning kitty down then they are probably just having a grand old time. But to be on the safe side they should be supervised just in case the game escalates. If you get a pic of them playing please post it.
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They're playing, but you need to supervise at all times. A dog can kill a cat in a flash, just through playing. I don't mean to worry you - they'll probably end up great buddies, but while they're young and don't yet know their boundaries, you'll need to watch them when they're together
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My 85-lb Dalmatian, 60-lb mixed breed and my 10-lb tortoiseshell cat all romp, wrestle and roll. None of them has ever hurt another one. I supervise their playtime, to keep my house from being wrecked. When Rowdy has enough, she jumps the baby gate and leaves the dogs in the family room.

Occasionally, Rowdy will dart out the back door. She doesn't get very far, as Ike and Pearl catch her and roll her around in the dirt (Rowdy will roll on her own, too).

Its good that the dogs and cats get along. In the past, I've had cats who would nurse on dogs and cuddle up to sleep with them.
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