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be safe vibes needed

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missing ferals need {{{{be safe vibes}}}}

as some of you know, myself and a friend care for a colony of 25 feral cats, alot of them come from the same mother and are identical ,you can still see the difference between them and we have names for them all.

we have been trying to tnr them all with the loan of some traps from our local cat welfare,unfortunately this is taking longer than it should due to their location,they live in a very busy industrial and retail area of town,there is nowhere to safely leave the traps due to pubs and bars and the drunks around so we cannot leave the traps unnattended.
the tnr has been made more difficult as somebody else leaves food for them so the cats are reluctant to go in the traps.we have been there at different times to try to see who is feeding them and ask them to not feed till we have neutered them all as we are feeding them as well.
there are 10 that turn up for dinner like clockwork,but four of them have now been missing since the 27th feb,

it is now a week since they have not been there,and we know they would be there if they could.

the missing ones are humbug,buttons,half-ear,and mum,

we have searched everywhere around with no sight of them and i am worried sick that they might be sick or injured somewhere.
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show your faces little ones

sending lots of ((((be safe vibes))) to them from across the ocean

please keep us updated and chin up
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come out kitties, the people who take care of you are worried.
Sending {{{{{{BE SAFE AND COME BACK SOON VIBES}}}}} out to all of your little ones.
Keep us posted and good luck!
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There is still no news of the missing cats and kitten ,we were there for three and a half hours last night in the hope that we would see them,but still nothing,

the night after we last saw these cats,as we drove into the area,we saw a fox run across the road in front of us and it had something in its mouth,it came from the area where the kittens usually hang out.

it was dark and unlit so we couldnt tell what it had,but it was as big as one of the kittens.we have looked for any signs of blood anywhere but cannot see anything.....anywhere

does anybody know if foxes are capable of hunting cats?
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Awww come back soon Humbug, Buttons, Half-Ear and Mum!!

You are worrying everybody so much! Please be okay.

The four of you cats, please

{{{{{{{{{{ Be Safe! }}}}}}}}}}

There are people who care about you!
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still sending lots of ((((come home)))) vibes your way.
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Still sending Come home and be safe vibes your way!
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just a quick update for you all,

another three cats hve been taken

the ferals have been trapped and removed,we do not know who by yet,we spoke to someone who has been trapping them,but she would not say where they have been taken,only that they have gone to a sanctuary

cat welfare who have been helping us and who we have their permission to trap,have told us that people cannot remove them without permission,

i feel sick,i pray they have gone to a sanctuary but somehow,i guess thats unlikely,what with so many gone.
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ohno how devestating for you... if only you knew where they have gone. I would feel ill at this thought as well.

sending many more (((VIBES))) your way
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Best of luck finding your little ones...!

<<<<Come home babies...>>>>
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Confront the trapper! Tell her you have permission and you KNOW they aren't going to an approved santuary!! Get the cat welfare folks involved..
they can't do it in England without permission (unlike here!) GRRr.
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Sending many, many }}}VIBES{{{ to you and the kitties, Diana!
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On behalf of the Furry Ferals i would just like to say thank you to everybody for your support and {{{VIBES}}}

I hope i will be able to update you all soon.

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Got my fingers crossed Diana!
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