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I have this

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I always have a picture of one of my babies as my wallpaper - this is my current one

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Since I mentioned my new wallpaper, here is the pic I used!

Darn - came out smaller than I expected...
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I begged Rhonda for a picture of her cat Sam and he is my wallpaper both here at home and at work. I just love looking at his gorgeous little face and every time I see it I want to reach into the computer, take his sweet face in my hands and kiss his little head and face all over.
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Sam would be so proud to be a wallpaper, if he only knew what that was!
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I can't get it posted here, but at home I have a pic from the FurPics forum of an orange kitty with white paws, on a tan couch or chair. He (she?) has his head down on his paws, maybe he dozed off? It looks like he is praying, to me. And I love the pic!

At work I have a pic of CoCo's kittens...such furry cuteness!
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This pic was from the first week we had our girls....the first pic of Daddy and his girls! My how fast they grow! (Click for bigger image)

At work I have a pic of someone elses cat that I stole! (The pic I mean of course!)
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I have THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! It is my way to honor her.
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I rotate between Harley and Travis Barker

Right now - its Travis
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I've got this one of the girls at home

And this one of them on my office computer

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How sweet!
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My Phenom is my wallpaper. She gets a lot of comments from some of the Ft. Benning soldiers!
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My wallpaper gets changed depending upon my mood & whos on the computer; if José's been on it sometimes he'll make a wallpaper in paint or just use a photograph of me. Of course it always gets changed back to Devin, him or something random. I really like this picture.

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At work I have a newsphoto of the Groundhog Day groundhog (something-or-other Phil). At home I have Harry Potter fanart (Ron and Hermione under mistletoe).
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well, i change mine every few days to a different pic - always of my babies! here's what it is today...

you might recognize the pose as the same on in my signature - one of my favorites of Cable. the icons are cat heads - kinda hard to see in this small version! & the trash can is a litterbox!
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Our's is a pic of the day our grandson was born his big sister was holding him for the first time it is so butiful makes me go all mushy every time I see it
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At work, I have a picture that I took of Crater Lake when my husband and I went there last year for our 20th anniversary

At home, I have a family picture.
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Mine is a little edited ninja joke, made by my sister, for my brother's new baby. Her name's Ameleah (pronounced Ameliah) and she's 6 months old and already a hefty 20 pounds, lol
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Here's the goofball on my desktop at the moment

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Here's mine:

My dearly beloved Soul.

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