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Fin rot

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It seems that Wiggles and Kibbles (my goldfish) are suffering from fin rot. Wiggles' tail is especially getting damaged.

I'm having a hard time finding how to cure it. Most of the information I found said that it is usually caused by problems with water quality. I tested the water and aside from the pH being a bit high (around 7.8) and the water being a little bit hard (KH of 60mg/L and GH of 100mg/L) it seems fine (no nitrite or amonia).
I might try to get some aquarium salt and see if that helps. I really want to avoid using antibiotics except as a last resort.

Does anyone have experience with fin rot? Any suggestions for treatments?
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Stress can cause fin rot.
Are the kitties harrassing the fish when you aren't looking?
Are they possibly harassing each other?
Since water quality has been checked, I'd assume stress.

It wouldn't hurt to offer them some fresh foods if you aren't already.

Aquarium salt is always a good start, but most recommend amounts given are for tropical tanks, try with a slightly lower amount.
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They don't seem to be harassing each other at all. And the cats don't pay attention to them anymore.

Maybe the temperature of the water has been changing. The temperature in my apartment can be unstable at times. I'll keep an eye on that and if the temperature changes too much, I'll put in a heater.
I'll get some aquarium salt too.

I'll look into the fresh food. Right now they're eating goldfish pellets and flakes.
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aquarium salt .. a heater and mela and pimafix
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Not terribly exspensive, you can give them a spinach leaf, or a slice of cucumber.
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What is your nitrate level? If they are too high (caused from not doing enough water changes) that can be harmfull to fish. Since goldfish are considered a messy fish you would need to be doing frequent water changes. You didn't mention anything in that regard so thought I'd throw it out there just in case.
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I don't have any nitrate test kit so I don't know. But I do change water regularely... plus I only have 2 goldfish in a 30 gallon tank so the pollution shouldn't accumulate too quickly.

Good News: Upon closer inspection, it seems that Kibbles isn't sick after all.
Bad News: Wiggles is getting worst. I don't think he'll make it through the day He's always wedging himself under pieces of wood or under plants to keep himself from floating to the surface. It seems that he lost control of his floating. Whenever he's not wedged under something, he floats to the surface, all crooked until he manages to swim back to the bottom.
Might be something more serious than fin rot... and it doesn't seem like there's much I can do anymore.
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Use salt and melafix and pimafix with the sick one...
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