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Not anxiety after all.

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Hi everyone, I had posted back in October about Shelby's twitching and erratic behavior. We had her checked out by the Vet and the only conclusion we all could come to was that she was suffering from anxiety due to the construction site near out home. What we didn't figure out until just recently that the behaviour changes coincided with us giving her some new organic cat nip. We had medication from the Vet that seemed to calm her. I guess she was drugged but she stopped her twitching problem.
We hadn't given her any of the catnip in months but when we recently reloaded her scratcher with it she went back to square one. She loves the catnip but perhaps it was too strong or something.
Anyway... we through it all out and bought a different cardboard scratcher and some standard catnip. No more problems.
Has anyone else experiened this problem?
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No, but I have heard of it before. It was compared to the cat being allergic to catnip (which is a weed after all). So just don't give the kitty catnip and everyone can live together with less stress now.

Congrats on figuring out the puzzle-
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I have a friend who will not give his cats nip under any circumstances. Says it's the equivalent to getting them high.
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