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Name your favorite kind of cat carrier!

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Since Madden was a baby we've always used a regular old "pet taxi" for when we need to travel him. Its a lot like this one:

As he's getting bigger he has decided that when he has to travel in it (which is about once a month or so b/c we travel for business) that he wants to try to break his teeth off by chewing on the bars on the door!! He got his jaw opened so wide the last time that he got stuck!! He dosent mind to travel, so I'm not sure if he's doing this because he's bored or what. He dosen't show any other signs of stress, personally I think he just wants to scare me half to death!

Anyway, what is your favorite type of carrier and if possible post a link or a picture. I thought about getting a soft carrier but I've never used one of these and wondered how they hold up to kitty claws and teeth?

Thank you all so much for your help!!
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I am totally impressed with this company I have the Car-go and I love it. It is holding up well to feral claws and teeth. Also their Double Show Shelter pop-up is very well received by my crew. I doubt I will use hard -sided carriers ever again!
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Well, I'm not certain if it's my favorite carrier yet since I just got it. cabrio cargo carrier as a gift to save my mind on our first ever trip for March Break. So far Whiskey seems taken with it, but that might be because it's a new 'toy'. Hopefully it will become a favorite.
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I have had a soft fabric carrier for years now and prefer it. Because the fabric gives, unlike the hard plastic, it is easier to get a ball of claws and teeth into. Abby is NOT a fan of any carrier. I have had no problem with it holding up to claws and teeth.
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Thanks so much for the feedback!! I think I am going to shop around and try a soft carrier for a while. I just wasn't sure that they would hold up. Thanks so much!
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I have this for my two cats. It has heavy canvas type sides. it has windows on all sides made of some sort or rubber mesh that has held up very well. The fabric zips off and can be washed. I got it just for cj, but have used it with both cats at once. They use it as a bed sometimes as well. It has front and top zip entries, and I can fit the seat belt around it in my front passenger seat. It has carrying handles, and a longer shoulder strap.

When I first had to put my crew in it they scratched and tried to get out, but it has held up great. I have had it for about a year.
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Sierra got a new Pet Mate for Christmas, and we like it! I prefer the hard, impact resistant carriers for safety reasons while traveling in the car. This particular carrier even has a seat belt catch for securing my baby girl in even more thoroughly. Sierra's previous carrier has now been handed down to Serenity. It is made of hard, sturdy material, as well.
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Depends on the kitty... Kandie travels well but likes extra bedding so she has a huge hard side ( the 35lb size) with wheels .... Zoey may well learn to take quick trips in the purse style, she currently has a hard carrier and a soft carrier she shares with Gigi ... Frankie will have her choice of hard or soft when she gets here since I got a "new to me " sherpa and mid size hard ... For distance travel I use the hards for in town stuff( vet is a mile away ) I use the softs except for Kandie..
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I have a samsonite (I believe) black soft-sided carrier for Oliver... first of all, it's much easier on me to carry a 15 pound cat by the soft carrier's shoulder strap rather than by the hand-only handles on hard carriers... plus the soft carrier is a lot less cumbersome and although Oliver is in no way fond of his carrier, he does tend to settle and be more comfortable in the soft carrier.... at the beginnings of long trips (before he's allowed out, with limited freedom) it's like having the spawn of the devil in that carrier - claws, teeth, screaming, kicking... the whole deal and the carrier still looks brand new... so they definitely hold up and I find them much more comfortable and easy to handle... I'm not sure that it's airline certified, but I sure as heck don't plan on putting my little monster on and airplane anytime soon!!
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we have 2 rubbermaid/graco cat carriers that are soft-sided. i can't seem to find them anywhere online, or even the rubbermaid pet products web site. we bought them at petsmart. i don't have problems with the guys in soft side carriers, but they were declawed by previous owners. my sister's cat (who has her claws) didn't do well in a soft side carrier, and scratched it up.

our other carrier is a medium sized dogloo plastic carrier. they don't make it anymore, but it's similar to the petmate ones at wal-mart.
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Even tho the hard sided carriers are safer when transporting (car, etc.) I prefer my soft-side carrier. I have rexes which was fine for showing - you could just put the carrier over your shoulder and free up your hands.

The only thing to worry about is if your cat is smart/determined enough to get the zipper part open. I had one or two that did that - so I tied a twisty wire (like you get on a loaf of bread) thru the two zippers to stop them.
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i've got 3 soft carriers, all very similar. i actually use them for gym bags, as well - works well because of the netting. here's a example of what they look like: carrier
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Pru has a domed-shaped wicker carrier/basket. It has a circle opening with a metal circle door with bars, that closes over the hole. The door can be detached. She sleeps in there and doesn't realize it is a carrier she should be afraid of.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
The only thing to worry about is if your cat is smart/determined enough to get the zipper part open. I had one or two that did that - so I tied a twisty wire (like you get on a loaf of bread) thru the two zippers to stop them.
That's why Oliver is always harnessed and leashed when inside his carrier and the leash is securely attached to the provided leash hook inside the carrier - God forbid the carrier ever opens outside, I've got a much better chance of him not getting away, being secured like that.... but the twist ties or a small luggage lock is a good way to keep those zippers together too!
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