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Doberman flank-sucking.

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i'm doing a presentation for my Animal Behaviors class, and its about various compulsive behaviors that animals engage in. Among these is flank sucking, which I believe is specific to Dobermans.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any pictures anywhere of this behavior, and it would be really helpful if I could.

Does anyone know where I could find something like this?

thanks in advance!
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I tried doing a google search but there weren't any matches for flank-sucking. Is there another term for this behavior?
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Not that I know of, that's the only thing I've seen it referred to in books/websites. It sounds really weird to me, I can't even picture it!

thank you for looking though, I appreciate it!
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Can you describe what flank sucking is? I've not heard the term and am not sure what you are talking about.
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Dobermans will actually suck on their own skin, specifically the flank.

its referenced briefly in a bunch of articles I've found online, but I'm having a hard time getting anything in-depth. Looks like i'll probably have to contact a Dobie rescue directly.

There's a whole lot of compulsive behaviors found in dogs, and some of them are almost funny. For instance, Bull Terriers are known to hide their heads under things and freeze in place. How interesting!
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Flank sucking is a peculiar quirk that is reported almost exclusively in Dobermans.
Imagine this: Dog is laying down normally on its front and turns its head towards its tail and sucks on its back leg.

Dogs that do this often do it for long periods and its a repetitive behaviour.
Its a genetic issue supposedly but I think it can be exacerbated by separation anxiety and/or not enough exercise...

Sorry, I don't have pics. My dobes have never done this but I have known those who do...
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