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Signs of Spring (pics)

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It's February 4th. I have ice skates decorating my front door, and snowmen decorations around the house. Someone needs to tell the weather that. We have had unseasonably warm weather and heavy rains lately. It's 50 degrees out right now. I have windows open letting some fresh air in. I can see golfers on the golf course next door and my husband is at the driving range. The most obvious sign is sprouting in my yard. No one has told my garden it is February.

The plants aren't going to be happy when the weather changes back to normal and the snow and ice return. To get myself more in the spring spirit, I dug out a few pictures of my spring flowers from last year. I hope it puts you in the spring spirit too!

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Isn't that just the best part of spring! I love seeing all of the spring flowers. I know what you mean as far as weird warmer than normal weather!!, very odd.
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Your beautiful flowers leave me breathless. Their color is so vivid. Your must love working in your yard.
It looks like your bulbs are looking for spring sun.
Can you protect them if it turns really cold?
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I just checked mine out, And yep samething here in Maine. There all peaking up just like yours are. Its 50 ish here and all the snows gone. Even my day lilys are showing signs of life.. A bird has built a nest in the past week in my snow fountain weeping cherry tree. It says back to colder temps mid week.
The daffs will be fine . Mine do that often with no ill effects. Hopefully it will snow and insulate them.
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You crocuses are gorgeous! I love them! My bulbs I planted at my work are starting to come up too, it's too early! I hope they live! But, I can't wait to see what it's gonna look like, I planted like 300 bulbs around our clinic and I was bragging a little about how good it's gonna look, so it has to look good or I'll look BAD!
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Originally Posted by xocats
Can you protect them if it turns really cold?
I probably could cover them, but there are thousands of daffodils. The woman we bought this house from planted them EVERYWHERE.

Originally Posted by menagerie mama
I was bragging a little about how good it's gonna look, so it has to look good or I'll look BAD!
We're going to want pictures when they come up!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
We're going to want pictures when they come up!
Ok, only if they look good!!!
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Karen I can't wait to see the pictures of your place in full bloom!!! That is exciting!!!
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Karen their lovely!. My daffs have started sprouting, and i've got some snowdrops and a couple of other different types of bulbs but their not showing yet.
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Karen, your bulbs are coming up really well!

I'm so excited for my spring colour to come out and the delicious smells! Mmmmm
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Such lovely flowers, I wish mine were up already too.
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I hope you don't mind I borrowed one of your pics for my wall paper. Irises are my favorite flower, and yours are just beautiful!
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I know what you mean. I'm in CT- today, I took my dog Sharie for a walk with no jacket on! It was 55 degrees and sunny. The birds were chirping, there was the fresh smell of spring in the air, and the grass was green and moss was growing. In a way, it's a nice break, but it just doesn't seem right. It was raining very hard last night, but that should have been a blizzard of snow!

Those pictures of your flowers are beautiful by the way.
Too bad the cold weather is going to ruin them! How disappointing, to get a taste of spring and then go back to winter again. I do look forward to pics of your garden when the REAL spring comes though!
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