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Winter Bass fishing in the South

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I went to my boss's pond to try out my new Vertical Jig. I started out at about 11:30 AM on a sun-shiny day, temps in the 50s, and lots of wind.

My second pitch of the new jig(3/4 oz, Cayuga Craw with a Joe's chunk trailer, CB's HS, and Megastrike) landed me a 6lb, 8 oz Bass. She picked it up off of the bottom in about 10' of water. Her belly was bulging from either eggs(I doubt that this early?) or food. She had the slender, dark, flat tail of something(?) sticking out of her throat. I was pumped with that catch as as far as I know, that's the heaviest Bass caught in that 5 year old pond!

The opening for the line tie is perfect to press a gob of Megastrike into. It stayed the entire time I was pitching. I dipped the jig into CB's HS several times to 'refresh' it.

Pitching the 1/2 oz VJ in black/blue caught me three dinks in shallower water. And then I caught a 1 lb, 3 oz, 15 incher on that jig.

Next came a 2.0 lb, 16 incher I caught on a wacky-rigged Long Ika(color #196).

Before I quit due to the wind, I had a 3(?) lber on the 3/4 oz VJ but I let her get off as I was trying to lip her.

Yes, I'm impressed with the VJ's. I only had 3 or 4 hang ups and I got them loose by just getting close and reeling down. This is a quality jig in my book.

Vertical Jigs

6.5 lbs--23"



1.3 lbs--15"

2.0 lbs--16"

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I went fishing for the first time in the summer....I caught a 2.5 lb Large mouth bass, and a number of minature small ones (rock bass??) but my 2.5lb one was my highlight! Was the biggest one caught on that particular day
I dont know what kind of lure I was using, but Ill mention to Dave (my self appointed fishing instructor) what you said and have him set me up for the next time I go fishing!
Oh, I also caugt a very pretty sunfish that everyone said was the crappiest kind of fish, but I thought it was so pretty it was my favorite catch. All got thrown back
This was in Muskoka, Ontario
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Februa: Thank you for your reply. It's always good to find another 'fisherperson' where not expected. A 2.5 lb Bass is a fine Bass in anyone's book!

Did your "Sunfish" look like this? Those are great panfish and good eating. I too release my Bass after weighing, taping, and photographing them. I've caught the same Bass more than once plus I want them to live and reproduce .

Is Dave a 'rabid' fisherman as I am?

I will apologize for my fishing prose as I copied that post from a Bass Fishing Forum I post on so it's not in "plain English" . And, that pond is in the middle of Peach County, GA where the peach blossoms are getting ready to bloom giving us the sweet Georgia Peach to enjoy .

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Yes that is what it looked like except it had a lot of red spots on it and was very shiny. I wouldnt say Im an avid fisherperson, but I REALLY liked fishing last summer, and look forward to going again when Spring comes around (I am not the type who would ice fish forget that. Im the Go to the cottage and go out fishing type!). I dont think Id ever eat a fish I caught, I tend to dislike fish....so all my catches got thrown back into the lake
Thanks for saying my bass was legitimate! It really looked like a real fish.
Dave is an insane fisherman...(and I admit I have a bit of a crush on him lol!) He caught a pike that had a tail sticking out of its mouth, I thought that was kind of gross He has (what to mea appears to be) a ridiculous amount of fishing tackle and lures and equipment. I like the ones that look like little lizzards and when you reel in their legs move....how sneaky!
Ill post the picture of my champion bass lol if I can get it scanned in!

Cheers, and happy fishing!

ps: currently I have a free preview of the World Fishing Network, the other day some guy caught an ENORMOUS catfish....it was insane how big it was really....
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For a comparison/reminder, here's a Bass just under "2.5 lbs". It's 2.2 lbs:

No catfish(what a 'funny' name for a 'fish' ) catchin' for me I hope. They just pull while rolling over and over

Just like Dave, I've got too much tackle, baits, etc. too

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That looks almost the same size, except mine was a little shorter and fatter!
I wouldnt mind catching a catfish beats the mini rock bass lol
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