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Kittie Sqeaks

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I dont know if this is really "behavior" but my kitten who is about 13-14 months old, doesnt meow. She squeaks. If I have her in my room with the door closed all night, she sleeps with me but a soon as I wake up she jumps down and goes to the dor and makes short, tiny squeeks. Sometimes if she really wants out she will let out a long, pitiful sounding squeek. She does this in the kitchen too when she wants to be fed. She even does this when I go to the bathroom and I dont let her in. Ill be in the bathroom and she will sit outside the door and squeak.
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I had a cat called Squeak (a big one!) because of the same thing. Some cats are almost silent except for tiny peeps (though might startle you on occasion if faced with a strange cat at the door, for instance, by producing an enormous noise - they all can make noise, but some just don't meow.
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How precious! Serenity still has such a tiny voice, as well! Since she was an itty bitty baby, I've called her my little Birdy because of her tiny squeaky chirp of a meow, so adorable!
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When Sophie was a kitten i called her meow a squeek because thats just what it sounded like. Even now sometimes a squeek comes out from her, but her and Rosie have completely different meows because Sophies is more high pitched.
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Hannah does this squeaky coo thing. It's really cute! When she's really hungry, she'll make this noise that sounds like "meep". When you put her food down, she'll trill in thanks and excitement. She's such a cutie!

Callie doesn't make a lot of noise, eventho she's a tortie. She'll occasionally make this "peep" sound, but generally we never hear a really good meow out of her. Now....when we put her in her carrier is a whole other story!!

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Emma's the squeaker in our house. What's funny, is her squeak sounds the same when she's happy and when she's annoyed with you. Unless she's at the vet...then she screams like a banshee!! Oliver is more vocal in general but his meow is a little more "normal" sounding.
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pudge, at two, is still very squeaky
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my baby stanley is a squeaker as well. at 10 months i've het to hear a meow from him. only squeaks, and the cutest thing is, that before he ever jumps up into my lap, he sits right beside me a squeaks a few times to wait for me to invite him to climb on up. what a sweet little squeaker!
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This post made me smile.

My Honey is 5 years old and has only recently learned to meow. I always made fun of the fact that she couldn't meow but only squeak all the time. I used to say Honey, you are a cat, not a mouse.

Anyways, be happy to have a squeaker. Appartently it is more common than I thought, plus it is super cute to hear them make their little squeaky noise.
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Napoleon squeaks rather than meows. He has a long squeak that he uses if he suddenly finds himself alone and doesn't know where the others are. I can be sitting at my desk upstairs with most of the kits around me and suddenly I hear a squeak from 2 floors down. I call him and he bounds happily upstairs.
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Our kitten Lucky used to squeak. Well, if you can call it that. It was more of a ......mmmrrrraaaa Hardly any sound came out him.
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Our kitten Lucky used to squeak. Well, if you can call it that. It was more of a ......mmmrrrraaaakk
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Rocket trills and sounds like he is singing, when he does this I know he is in a good mood because if I call out his name he runs over and jumps in my lap (this is only recent).

Mica is a Siamese and as to be expected meows quite loud and trys to join in our conversations.
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I have one kitty that squeeks, one that chirps, one that is almost always silent, one that yowls, one that just meows, and one very crabby kitty that growls most of the time when anyone tries to pick her up or pet her.
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Cinders has what I call a proper meow but Bella's is more of a squeak. The only time Bella meows properly is when she has accidentally been shut in a room and she meows very loudly to let us know
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Our baby Casey is a squeaker. The only time he meows is when he's waiting to be fed, and even then he is pretty quiet. The only other noise he makes is a PUURUUP when he's chasing his toys.

Charlie, on the other hand, is a talker (and a whiner) he cries if he's locked in a room, out of a room, wants food, wants attention, in other words pretty much all of the time. He doesn't really meow normally, just whines.
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both my kitties are maine coon mixes, but sound differently---

when i got chloe, i thought she didnt meow. one night i was laying in bed and i kept hearing what sounded like someone sloooooooowly opening a creaky door. i got up, looked in my hallway and here was tiny little chloe and her BIG squeak <33 now she never shuts up (i wouldnt have it any other way lol) she has her trill that we refer to as her "xena: warrior princess" yell

patches, however, sounds like a mini bobcat! its funny to hear such a big sound out of small kitties
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Some of them seem to keep the squeak for a very long while. My cat, however, didn't meow until we brought in another cat (so we totally missed the squeaky stage with her)....and now the little hag won't shut up! lol
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Mini is our little squeaker! One of her nicknames is Squeak. She has such a cute high pitched voice, & doesn't say much, but sounds so cute when she does.
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