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Spay/Neuter in VA, WV, MD, score!

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Major score for shelters and private owners!

The Julia Wagner Animal Shelter of Warren County, VA is offering spay/nueter for cats/dogs across the board.
You have to visit the shelter and pay before the appointment but they give instructions to follow that make it easier for everybody involved. Different date are available, just ask...

Prices as of Feb.4, 2006:
Male and Female dogs: $45 (spay/neuter any size!!!)
Male cats: $30
Female cats: $45
Feline Combo Test (snap): $14
Heartworm Test: $14
Vaccinations: $6...ask about these because they offer more and have specific instructions to follow...

Am I allowed to post a contact number?
...they are listed in the VA directory as well, "Humane Society of(at) Warren County, VA".

We have been looking for people like this for so long it would have been a shame not to be able to share it with everybody.

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Here is the link to the Humane Society:


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What great prices!
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Thank you for the link Katie!
We're driving to Front Royal tomorrow to check them out.
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...nice, clean shelter and very nice people!
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Originally Posted by Roofrabbit
...nice, clean shelter and very nice people!
Did you find out more about the low cost clinic?

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FINALLY! We have a disgraceful situation here in so called "one of the richest counties in the country" in Loudoun Co Va.

Our animal control and county services offer NOTHING in the way of low cost care for seniors, 1/2 clinics etc. I am SO pleased to see this. I am working on getting our pitful county services improved, but don't hold out much hope.

I will definitely consider taking some of my cats down there!!

Thank you for posting!!
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...tell me about it!
We're tired of getting gouged by vets for the cost of meds and services that are not justifiable. There was nothing we could do about it but complain until now.
There should be harsher laws against overcharging for medical services for people and animals in this country.
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It's only $37 for a female cat to be spayed here.$47 for a female dog to be spayed.I think that is really reasonable!
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crittermom..that is very reasonable!

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Hey Katie!

They are calling it "Spay Virginia" but take many out of state clients and set dates for the low cost services.
They ask to be paid in advance so they know exactly how many animals will be there and ask for them to be dropped off during early morning hours in secure carriers.
We sent them a check (we were expecting snow) and set an appointment for a couple weeks to have our two dogs spayed...yea...DOGS...the cats are going next month.
Spay Virginia is charging us $102 for 2 canine spays and 2 rabies, and one of our dogs is a 100 pound guard dog. I just about kissed the chick over the phone when she told me how much it would cost because I was quoted well over $500 from a few other vets. The only request they had was to make sure our guard dog was muzzled and in a large sturdy crate when she's dropped off, no biggie, it's always better to be safe than sorry.
We have been putting the cats before the dogs because of the prices but not this time, thankfully.
We only have six cats left to alter next month...life is grand.
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These guys are good!

We took our two dogs there, here's the run down:

We got there Monday morning thinking we would have to follow the spay-van to the clinic with our dangerous dog but the driver told us we would only qualify for special prices if the dogs are taken to the clinic "IN" the van. Since they're doing us a favor by offering these services, I made it clear that we will follow THIER instructions and not take offense to direct orders, they were concerned that they may have offended us.
...has anybody in rescue EVER been asked if they were offended? We haven't before this, and it was very refreshing...
We loaded our big girl into the van last, without any problem, noted on her crate that she was dangerous, and off they went.
Tuesday morning when I picked them up, they were just fine.
Funny thing is...my big girl was calm and happy in her crate when I picked them up while our little (little compared to the Rottie) collie mix snarled and snapped until I gently blew into her crate (to let her know it was me). They said I should have placed the note on the collie's cage and not the Rottie's and were surprised that the two dominant bitches actually lived peacefully together. I was impressed by their knowledge and how they made mental notes on how each animals did to relate to the owners when they asked. They really care about the animals, and that's what rescue is all about.
I would rather make a stink about nothing than have something bad happen because I've been attacked by a large dog and will take every precaution available to prevent that from happening to somebody else.

Anybody close to Warren County, Virginia could take advantage of "Spay Virginia" without worry. They are good people and we're grateful for the services they offer to financially strapped rescues like ours.

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