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Emergency! Travel vibes please!

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Semester ended yesterday at noon. So I was supposed to fly out of here yesterday afternoon to Paris and to pick up my jeep this morning. Then the plan was the ferry to the UK tonight where I have things to do before returning to France and spending a week decorating and choosing bathroom suites etc. But fog cancelled all flights and I am sitting here today staring out at whiteness. I am undecided as to whether to wait till tomorrow or to make a 12 hour train or bus journey to Vienna or Budapest and try to pick up a flight. Already this has cost me $250 in lost ferry tickets and a hotel charge in Paris, and the airlines will not do anything as they say the weather is not their responsibility. So I would lose the price of my flight ticket as well if I take matters into my own hands. The only nice thing is that I can spend time with the kits without feeling that I should be doing something else, but it is so frustrating. And there is no clue here as to when the fog might lift.
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Oh Jenny, how annoying for you!

At least you can relax with your kitties whilst deciding what to do!

It really is terrible how they're just keeping your money! I would love to give you some advice as to what to do, but I just don't know what I would do in that situation!

I hope you get it all sorted soon and are on your way to sorting out your new place!

Sending lots of good weather and travelling }}}VIBES{{{ your way!
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oh no Jenny. It's so frustrating when plans go awry like that. Loads of vibes coming your way that the fog lifts soon and you'll be on your way to Paris in no time.
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Sending fog lifting vibes too!
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Hoping the weather improves so you can go ahead with the trip Jenny!
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Sending you many good vibes!..I hope the fog lifts soon
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Best of luck to you and the kitties! Hope you get to Paris soon!
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I'm sending "better weather" vibes!
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How very frustrating Jenny!! Sending lots of vibes for improved weather and safe travel.
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Well, the snowploughs woke me at 6 this morning! Now it is 9.15 and still snowing. But the airport website says the early flights took off so I'm really hoping mine will be OK at 3PM.There is still fog up here in the hills but conditions are always completely different at the airport.
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Mother nature must not keep up with our requests!!!! I hope all your travel plans come together without too much loss of time and money!!
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