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Web-builders/dvelopers.... i need some advice....

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If there are any web-developers here.... I need some help with my website....
and my email....
I just bought a .com and set up the email etc. everything was workig fine... and then the last few days i have been able to send email, but i can not recieve it.

Does anyone know what the problem is "called" and how i might be able to resolve it??? i've already posted it on the forum provided by plesk which is the online software that came with the hosting package but the answers have not been very helpful.

I hope this is an acceptable post.... not sure if i should have posted it somewhere else.

thanks anyway.
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Are you speaking of not receiving email on your own email software? Is your email stored on a server somewhere? Can you access it there?
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Are there restrictions on the amount of incoming and outgoing mail you can have? Is your ISP not allowing messages to come through? Some ISP's are funny about the amount of outgoing and incoming transmissions.
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Your email probably has an file size limit on it and is storing the emails on the server as well as downloading them - try deleting the older and larger messages on the server and set it to not store the emails on the server once they are downloaded. If there is a certain limit (in # of emails or monthly file size) you will just have to wait until next month or upgrade your hosting plan
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Who's your site provided by?

When i worked for Yahoo! Small Business Technical Support we were constantly getting calls about that.

What platform are you using to check your email? If it's Outlook make sure your SMTP settings are correct and your Outgoing and Incomming information is right.

If anything, call your tech. support. They'll walk you through troubleshooting it.
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If you're using a 3rd party email program, such as Outlook or Outlook Express, double check the POP3 mail server address. POP3 is used to receive your email. SMTP is used to send it.
Usually this is something like pop3.domainname.com or pop3-server.domainname.com.

Otherwise, I'm with CatsMeow on this, check your web support
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