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Spraying question

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I have been talking to a breeder about purchasing a male kitten from her and asked if the dad sprayed. She said he didn't til she brought another male in. The kitten is 8 weeks and will be with her another 4 weeks. Will the kitten learn this from the dad? I don't want to start out with spraying problems!! Thanks for your input.
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but I may be wrong - I think they start spraying around 1year. I'm sure if you get him nutered......
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It is not likely that such a young kitten will pick up dad's behaviour. If you get the kitten neutered at 5-6 months you should not have a problem. Spraying is a result of too many cats in the area, and the territory gets marked by the dominant male, stress in the household, simple boundary markers and sometimes an early sign of a UTI. If the kitten does start spraying, there is a spray you can buy called Feliway and you just wash the area sprayed with warm water and douse it good with Feliway spray. Good luck!
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spraying is just something male cats do. they don't inherate it from their parents. get him nuetured and he'll be fine. if you ever smell that spray smell after he is fixed, get him to a vet. this happens when they get a uti or bladder infection.
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