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Not Eating Much

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My cat Loki is not eating as much as normal. She has been leaving more and more in her bowl each day for the last few days. However, she is still really playful and is acting completely normal. I have not changed her food and she is still drinking fine. I do not know if I need to be worried or not. Thanks for any feedback.
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Is she eating much less than the recommended feeding amount listed on the cat food package? If so, I would at least call the vet. Not eating or not eating enough can have very serious results in kitties. How are her bowel movements?
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Depends really on if you are feeding the "bowl" or feeding the "cat." What is normal to us, often is to much food for cats who really do have small stomachs. So not eating the normal amount is not a lot to go on- if you are not feeding the correct amount in the first place. If in doubt, do call your vet-
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Have you tried finding another type of food? Cats can be picky eaters, some more than others. I would try this first, if it doesn't work I would bring her to the vets for an exam and possibly blood work.
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