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Does this sound like poisoning to you guys?

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A woman posted on craigslist about her dog asking for any opinions, this is her post:

"I had a female Giant Schnauzer, born in April of 2003. Tuesday night she was lathargic and she would not eat her dinner, she is a good eater. Wednesday morning before work she was still lathargic, and I was thinking she might have a bug or the flu. I came home around 1pm for lunch to check on her and she was unable to get up, at this point I called the vet and took her in. They did some bloodwork and said she was having some auto-immune disorder in which her white blood cells attacked her red blood cells. They told me I could take her to OSU and get her a tranfusion, but she never made it out of the vet's office. The weird part is another dog came into the same office later that night and also died of the same thing. A girl I wrk with has a Boxer that also died of this same phenomenon earlier this month. I am wondering if anyone else in the area has had a similar scenerio??? Please write me if you have heard of anything similar or know anything about this illness."

So what do you guys think, just loking for some thoughts and ideas.
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Oh that poor, poor woman, and her poor sweet doggie. That's awful.

I'm sure the vet would have ruled out poisoning - but again, some poisons act on the immune system and display symptoms like auto-immune disease. I don't know, but is the lady having an autopsy on her pup?
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She had an autopsy done and is waiting for the results
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One of my greyhounds had a reaction to a vet prescribed flea spray once. He was lethargic, but was also drooling and vomiting. I didn't wait to see if he quit eating but had him to the vets immediately. This was a very mild case - while it was a type of poisoning, if it had been a chemical like anti-freeze that is almost always terminal, it would have been much stronger reaction.

Most animals when they have a terminally threatening illness will get lethargic and stop eating. I doubt it was poisoning but would be curious about the autopsy results.
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