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DT Wednesday "hump day"

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Good morning everyone! I am in such a better mood then I was for the past 2 days. Toronto is in the middle of hot weather - record breaking highs for the month of April. Yesterday was 28 degress Celcius (about 82 F) with today reaching 30 deg C (or about 85 F). When you add the humidity it is hot! I love it. I worked 15 min this morning and then the fire alarm went off. We were outside for 1 and 1/2 hrs what a great way to start the day (no one was hurt in the little fire). Unfortuantely the delay in work means we are going to be extra busy today - but since I am not on the phones with clients today that is ok - dealing with co-workers. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Well today the high here in Good Ole Houston is 87 but in New York it's going to be 93. I couldn't believe that when I heard it on the news this morning. Today I get to leave work at 1:30 but it's because hubby and I have dentist appointments, what fun! I'm worried for hubby because we already now he will need extensive work done but we just don't know how much. Today is just the exam and x-rays but we will know by today.
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The week is half over, so that is always a good thing. The engineers had a seminar this morning and the presenters left the bagels and muffins for the rest of the office to munch on. Yeah - I got breakfast. I didn't even know that they sell honey butter in little tubs - I thought you had to make it yourself! It was so good.

Trent did not want to me leave for work this morning. He came up for snuggles when the alarm went off, came in and needed attention when I was brushing my teeth (ever try to pet a cat and brush your teeth at the same time? not as easy as it sounds!), needed more attention when I was putting on makeup, jumped up on the back of the bar stool chairs so I could cuddle him when I was about to leave. The whole morning he was being whiney and couldn't get enough loves. I was even a little late for work so I could spend an extra couple minutes snuggling and petting him. The things we do for those little critters!

Another slow day at work, but it's actually going pretty fast.

Hope everyone has a great day! Good luck at the dentist, Sabra.
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Its suppossed to be 82 degrees here today! Another day with near record temps. I just wish that I was outside getting a nice tan, instead of at work in front of my computer. Oh well, I gotta make $$ somehow. I don't have school tonight, so I think that hubby and I are going to stop by the mall and get some chicken teriyaki and then head over to see my parents and bother and sisters. I wish the fire alarm would go off here so I can get outside for once! Have a great day everyone and enjoy the nice weather! :daisy:
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Well, it's gorgeous here too. 82 degrees!! My apartment is getting sticky from the humidity though.
Good luck at the dentist sfell!!
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I hate the dentist Sabra! I went last week and fortuantely only needed a cleaning! Do either of you have dental coverage at work - I am lucky that all of my dental bills are covered between my work & hubby's work so I never have to pay. I wish your hubby luck that he doesn't need too much work done.

Hey falling rain - I may be going to a big rib fest in Brantford in May!
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I am so sorry to read this about your friend. That makes me sad for you. I hope you find comfort in the memories sha has given you. My condolences for your loss.
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I'm sorry SusieQ that you lost someone you cared about. Losing someone is always so difficult. If you need to talk ,I am here.

Its hot here, record breaking they say. Its about 88 I think right now, but there is a breeze off the ocean and that is helping a bit. I am going to go buy some new plants and work in the yard once the sun goes down a bit. I'll burn if I go out now!

I just had an interview for a daycare slot. The little girl was so cute. Her mom has never had her in daycare and seemed really uneasy. She won't make a decision till next month so we'll see. I think the little girl would be a great addition here, her and my daughter would get along great I think.

Ok, I'm off to go straighten up and do some plant shopping!! Bye everyone!
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Susie, I'm so sorry you lost such a close friend. It's so hard no longer seeing someone you used to see everyday. It's so hard to find the right words but I hope you find some peace in this terrific loss.
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Susan, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It's especially hard when you are used to seeing them every day. At least you know that she lead her life to the fullest, and I'm sure the fun memories you have of her is how she would want to be thought of.
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Well, this week has been very weird. On Monday it was really windy. When I got home, it started to rain with the wind. When it was time to cook dinner, the power went out. I waited for over two hours for it to come back on. But no luck. So I ended up eating a penut butter and jelly sandwich. The power did't come back until the next morning. So I went to bed at 8 oclock. Woke up at 6:30 yesterday and went to school. I couldn't get on the internet because it was down for the rest of the day. Yesterday it was 48 degrees. Cold and windy.

Today it was cold, windy, rainy, and now its snowing! Yuck!

There was an employment conference today and a Job Fair. I am supposed to get called soon for some prospective employment!
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What a hot one!! And for me to say that you know it's hot.

Work went by so slow today. We're down by one doctor since the other one went on vacation. So now the head doctor is pissed because he has to work all day.

I may be getting a part time job pet sitting. My friend owns her own pet sitting company and she said that she needs some help this summer and I would be the perfect person for the job. I'll see how everything works out because next month me and her are heading to the MSPCA to apply for some volunteer work. Hopefully I'll get to either train the shelter dogs or be a adoption counsler.

Alicia good luck with the job fair. I hope you get a call soon!

susieq, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It's never easy losing a friend but at least it sounds as though you have so many good memories of her to keep with you.

sfell, good luck with the dentist. Since November I've had almost 2 thousand dollars worth of work done to my teeth and my wallet as taken a beating. If I wasn't so stubborn in the first place and had gone to the dentist regularly I wouldn't have had all these problems. I learned the expensive way.
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