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My white cat has turn yellow , HELP!

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I have a white, a little bit Siamese looking 1 year old.
Use to be white but lately had yellowish coloring on both side of his body and surrounding eyes.

What's wrong with my cat?

Can I get rid of the yellowish coloring?

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It might be that your cat is part Siamese? Siamese cats do darken up as they get older. So the snowy white kitten color is more then likely darkening up and it is normal. Your cat isn't showing any signs that he is ill? If he is then best have a vet check him out. More then likely the darkening of the fur is just normal and not due to any illness.
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Siamese colored cats will darken with age. Its probably more of a cream then "yellow". A siamese kitten's coat doesn't stay pure white as they grow/mature. And if its a seal point, it will darken quicker then the other colors.

The lilac points will retain the "white" coat a lot longer then the other colors.
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I have a solid white moggie cat. She has to be bathed every 2 months for sure or more often, or her fur starts to turn yellow. It is just something some white cats do. If you cat is a mixed breed, maybe all he or she needs is a bath?
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My older Siamese Yowdy was snowy white when I first got him and his points were just showing. At this time both my boys where quite young and as Yowdy got a little older and started to darken up. My boys kept insisting that I give Yowdy a bath as his fur was getting dirty. I could not convince them that No! Yowdy is not dirty hes supposed to change color. They remember to this day and still laugh about this.
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I'm not clear on if it's the fur or the skin that's yellow? If it's the skin, please get your cat to the vet immediately, it could be a liver problem! Please let us know how it goes!
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If his eyes are yellow he could have jaundice. And he needs a vet fast!
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If its any body part - skin eyes etc take him to a vet!!!

It it is just the fur (check the skin to make sure it could be the fur darkening with age or just needing a bath. the coloring in catfood sticks to their tongues and when they wash their fur gets a bit dirty. Bumps gets a bath every month or so to make him snowy rabbit soft white again.

If you have never bathed him and don't feel comfortable doing so - ask your vet for a recommendation on a groomer - like anything some are great and some are awful. When we looked around at some we found some used tranquilisers, some used muzzles and some just played with them and gave them some ear scratches til they calmed down - we went with the latter!
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My flamepoint Siamese mix gets a yellow cast (nearly cream) to his coat in the summer. However, his winter coat grows in much whiter.

As everyone else has said, Siamese darken with age. Otherwise, he's probably just dirty.
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