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Max, the sweet dog at the vets

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Today I was at the vets to get chester after his ultrasound. The specialist was taking awhile, so my mom and I started talking to a woman who she had known from work. The woman had a beautiful doberman named max who had been diagnosed with emphazima and an enlarged heart this morning and was in for an ultrasound too.
Eventually they took max back for his visit and us back to explain the meds for chester. All of the sudden there was this terrible howl, the vet ran and mom ran after her to comfort the woman. As we ran into the front, there was max on the ground. They tried to recussitate him, but he passed on. We held the lady while she cried. Then waited for her husband to arrive.
I've never seen an animal pass on, and I felt so badly for her. There were tears all around. I only wish I could have comforted her more.
I am so drained from such an anxious, emotional day. Please send Max over the rainbow with sweet thoughts. He is missed, and was loved dearly.
Also send Barb loving healing thoughts, she needs them.
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Oh how sad....
Max, your Mommy misses you so much sweet boy.
Play with the other doggies at the bridge.
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Oh good grief thats awful, especially when she only expected him to have an ultrasound

Run free over the bridge Max and have fun sweetie, your really going to be missed
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What a sad story and what a horrible shock for that poor lady, especially since her dog's condition had just been diagnosed. I feel so sorry for her, but I'm also glad you and your mom were able to help comfort her.

R.I.P. Max
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how heartbreaking

RIP Max - play happily little darlin
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How awful to lose her dog, but wonderful that at least she had you and your Mom to comfort her.

Hugs to Barb, at this difficult time. And run free, over the bridge, dear Max. Your mommie is missing you!
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What a sad time at the vet's office. God bless you and your mom and help you cope with this.

RIP, Max. Play well at the bridge until you meet your people again.
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aww poor little boy,sweet dreams max
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Oh my goodness how awful...you poor, poor thing, and that poor poor dog, and her poor poor owner. Just an awful situation all round. May that sweet dog rest in peace.
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how fortunate for barb to have you there when she needed someone, how unfortunate for you to be there to witness such a thing. it is never easy to lose an animal so close to us. the day i had to put justy down, aug. 3 2005, i was here on this site most of the day trying to get to know everyone. justy was old (17), and had a great life, but she went downhill quickly. i know she is happy at rainbow bridge, and i know for sure she will be with max and teach him the ropes. big hugs to barb, let her know she and you will be in my thoughts
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