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My Tuffy is sick again,,

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I took Tuffy to the vet today because he started to sneeze up the yellow/green stuff with a little blood also. He has a temp so the vet gave me a prescription for Azithiomycin I think it is spelled for the 6 week treatment again.
She said it is the same stuff as he was on the last time but I think the bottle said zithromax last time. Are these different names for the same stuff?

We really thought we had him all cleaned out of this junk so I don't know why its started up again. The vet said to hit him with the good stuff right away since this is the stuff that worked so well last time. He was doing great since about Christmas time till the sneezing started up the last couple days. So far he has not coughed that I have heard since he finished the zithromax last time. He used to get these bad coughing attacks before the zithromax treatment.

I told the vet about the thing I got out of his right eye and that the watering eye has pretty much stopped now. She checked both eyes real close with one of those magnifying things and said they both look fine to her. I asked about the eye worm deal and she said she has seen it in the past. She told me when she has seen it in other cats the eye does more than just tear up. She was real sure he didn't have eye worms.

When I put him on the scale he took off and had to go and see everyone in the back of the clinic. He hasn't been there in about 2 months so everyone had to hold and pet him. They have a big pail of cat toys on the counter so the vet tech held him up to it and he took one of the toys so she gives it to me and said Tuffy picked it out himself. They have a good sized pet dog in the office and when Tuffy was looking around he wasn't even scared of the dog. He also gained another 1/2 lb from the last time he was weighed, he is up to a full 11 lbs now. The first time he was weighed he was down to 5.4 lbs when he was so sick.
I made a appoitment to get him fixed on the 21st of this month. They have a deal that for every 10lbs of new cat litter I bring in they take 10% off the bill, then the litter they collect goes to shelters in the area. I was worried about him being there all day on his own but after the way he acted today and the way everyone was so happy to see him again I think he will do fine. I hope he isn't the one in a million that has problems with surgery.
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I am so sorry to hear Tuffy is feeling poorly again - but he is in the best hands he can be in and is yours. You take such good care of the sweet boy.

Let us know how hw is doing!
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yes Zithromax is the name brand for the drug Azrthrimycin(sp?)

for you and Tuffy
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Sending good vibes Tuffy's way. Hope all goes well.
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I am not second guessing the vet, but was just wondering when a cat sneezes up allot of the green/yellow stuff is that a for sure sign of a sinus infection? I used to get allot of sinus infections till I had my upper wisdom teeth out and the sinus infections stopped. One of the first signs for me was the green/yellow stuff I would sneeze up.
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Green/yellow mucus signifies that there is an infection, usually bacterial in nature. It could be a sign of a sinus infection, but not necessary. Basically the problem can stem anywhere along the upper respiratory tract.
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Hi, Just a little update. I couldn't get his meds till yesterday [monday] The last time I heard or seen him sneeze was last thursday and he seems fine other wise so I called the vet first thing this morning and she said he should only have to suffer through the meds for a week instead of the full 6 weeks. He don't fight to much with taking this med but I feel bad having to give him meds for so long because he sometimes gets diarea from antibiotics and his little rear end gets so sore. Poor Tuffy, he has to go through so much, I wish I had his inner strength some days to deal with my health stuff.

He tries so hard to just be a happy little kitty cat and not be a problem around here.
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Tuffy really is living up to his name though. He keeps on trucking despite everything life throws at him. I hope he's ok
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I'm sorry to hear that Tuffy isn't feeling well again, and hope that this round of medication clears up the problem permanently.
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Hang in there, Tuffy, and get well quick!!! Sending healing vibes . . .
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Tuffy says thanks to everyone for careing about him. That is how I came up with the name Tuffy, because all he has been through and he was play fighting with Rusty one day who is younger and alot bigger but it was Rusty who gave in and ran off. I picked up the stray after I watched him beat up Rusty and said to him your a tuff little guy and thats when the name Tuffy came to me.

He has been acting more happy and content right now than he ever has. I would have never guessed he is still sick if I didn't see him sneeze up all the junk that one day last week and because it had a little blood in it I called the vet about it, he had a slight temp so she wanted to hit him with the heavy duty stuff again and hope it gets rid of this stuff for good this time. The only other signs of him not being right is he sleeps alot more than our other cats but that might be a age difference and he gets tired real fast if he is running around playing with me or the other cats. He will be in the middle of playing with his toys on the bed having a great time and its like someone flipped a switch and he flopps down and goes to sleep.

I put his picture and a little story about him up in the vets office and they said that alot of people have read it and thought it was great that I went to all the trouble to save him. Its not so much that I saved him but it is just his personality that makes him so special. Most of the girls at the vets office just love to see him when he comes in also.

I was a little worried about putting his picture up because I am affraid that maybe he just got lost or something and his owners would see his pic and want to take him away from me. It would break my heart so bad if I had to give him to someone else. If anyone ever did try to claim him they had better be able to prove to me that he will be well taken care of and not abused.

Sorry for getting off topic again.
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