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The Super Bowl Thread

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Post your predictions, hopes, plans, anything regarding the Super Bown in here!

I think the Steelers will win 27-17.

Probably just hanging out at home with Tara and her Dad to watch the game. Probaby drink a beer or two or three and order some wings from AppleBee's.

What are you all doing Sunday night TCS?
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I just cannot get excited about this Super Bowl. I just don't really care who wins. LOL I can't even get excited about the commercials!

But I do think that Pittsburg is going to win. First, the AFC is a tougher Division right now to play in, so it's harder to get to the Super Bowl. I think the AFC team has to be better than the NFC team has to be to get to the Game. Didn't used to be that way, but it is now.

But most of all, I think they will win because it is Jerome Bettis' last year. I know that the Broncos all played harder than they thought possible in order to get John Elway his (first) Super Bowl ring, and I think the Steelers will do the same for Bettis.
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sorry I am one of those non football watchers ... but I have a day off yippy
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I like watching men in tight pants. I'm the typcial football girl who roots for the underdog. I'm thinking Seahawks.
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The Steelers!
What a great time to be a Steelers fan!
I'm already wound up about it..I'm not too crazy about the media circus that surrounds the game, but after years of letdowns this feels like our time at last.
Sunday, I'm sure we will have the talking heads on all day long(from NFL Live) & I will be cleaning, trying to use some of my nervous energy. We had a chance to have a superbowl party with some people at work, but I decided not to, I want to watch the game with no distractions.
Here we go Steelers, here we go!
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I don't really care who wins, if I have to pick I'll go with the Steelers. I'm a big fan of Polamalu, I think he's one the best players in the league. As far as plans, I'm having some people over, lots of food and lots of beer!
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I predict the Seahawks will win by 3 to 7 points. It's our year, and it's about time we made it to the Super Bowl.

We will not be answering the phone, the computer screen will be dimmed, and I have great snacks planned
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I'll be watching. My parents were huge football fans, so I grew up watching football.

My husband is going to a super bowl party (even though he doesn't really like football), so I might have a very quiet day with the cats and dog.

I like the Steelers, so I hope they win... and I like to watch the commercials as well.
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Do we really have to ask who I think will win?????

And we are just staying home, not answering phones and getting wings and veggies and chips and dip and lounging all day!
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Go Steelers! My husband's uncle was a third string quarterback for them in the late 1950's. I don't think he got much game time but it's a great thing to have done.

And for anyone that doesn't care, pick the steelers for me please! My Uncle that played lost his wife to cancer this week and her funeral is on Saturday. A win by the Steelers could cheer his family up just a tiny bit.
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I'm not a huge football fan but I'm so happy to see my hometown team, the Seahawks, finally made it to the big game! I'm very hopeful that they'll win... I think they really deserve it.
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Steelers all the way. 24-14. Im moving to western NY in August and hope to see a game or 2
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I understand your optimism, Seelers fans, but the Hawks seem to be full of suprises this year, and they may not be through yet. I'm not making any predictions or bets, because it could go either way. No Super bowl party plans for me, I'll probably just stay home and watch the game, unless my neighbor wants to come over and join me.
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