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Beautiful Stranger......

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Moss was my first ever cat as some of you know and we've had him for about 2 years. The thing is, our neighbours cat is pretty much trying to adopt me Sar and I think. I want to take this cat in but Moss doesn't really like it. I'm unsure how to go about this. Any advice would be gratefully recieved. They are both outdoor cats and friendly towards each other outside, always playing and the like. Murphey is a bag of nerves though and is coming in here to seek refuge from his terrible home life. I want to help him.

Murphey has spent about 7 hours now sleeping on my futon today. I've also been out a few times and he's been in the same place when I've got in. Moss has been on the bed and is aware of Murphey being on the futon. This must be a good sign right?
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i would have a word with your neighbour,and ask them about the cat,dont make it sound like you are prying,or they could get offensive,

my little meir,when he used to go out(before he got his leg crushed sleeping under a car) used to go in peoples houses and wander round like he had been abandoned,he spent 5 days in somebody elses house one christmas,while i was out looking and calling him!!

i think it may have been because i am veggie and i had no turkey

anyway this cat could just enjoy other peoples company as well as his mums,but i would have a word with them and if they are interested in the cat anymore,if they are not then i would let him settle in in his own time that way it gives your cat time to get used to the new cat
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My neighbour is very mentally unwell. I found her on Wednesday hanging on my front door for dear life refusing to move!!! She was covered in blood. I had to go to the Police station for assistance!! There were 2 Police cars out there but they couldn't do anything because she went back inside her own flat!!! They had to restrain her and everything!!! I should've given the full story in my first post I think she was carried off in an ambulance last night and no one has seen her since.

Her cat was in ours yesterday He went out about 8pm last night after sleeping for 8 hours, then this morning my husband said that he came charging through the cat flap straight after Moss They'd been playing in the garden together . That was about 11:30am and he spent the day sleeping on the sofa. He went out again about 5pm tonight and when I woke at 7:30pm, he was sleeping on the sofa again. He's now eaten two bowls of food and seems really happy now. He's not nervous or scared and he's coming and going as he pleases
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I think Murphey's adopted you all now Lyns
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There's been trouble in camp Moss will not let Murphey in the flat anymore after those initial few days of looking good. I was woken by them fighting this morning I've hardly seen Murphey over the last few days and when he comes in, see's me or Moss, he shoots out again
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When you say fighting do you mean claws out?!. What if you kept Moss in a seperate room when Murphey turns up and break them in as if you were bringing a new cat into the house?!.

Hopefully Murphey will wander back when he's hungry. Is the owner still away?!.
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I think the owner is still away. I was woken by the noise of a cat fight, hissing and screeching He is still eating and it looks like he was in in the night and ate a bowl full (of Moss'), he popped in briefly this morning for some more, but Moss saw him off again. I went outside and picked him up, brought him in and shut myself, Murphey and his food in the lounge but all he did was cry and scratch at the door to go back out.

Moss always seems to be in the wrong room at the wrong time. We only have 3 rooms, I try to get him in the bedrrom but as soon as he sees Murphs, he won't move!!!!
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Moss is obviously letting Murphey know that he's alpha in his house isn't he.
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Yeah, I just need to give it more time I think. It's just such a shame that Murphs is only coming in for food now whereas before he was sleeping in for hours and hours
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Give him time and i'm sure he'll come back in, because it was only a couple of days ago when he slept at yours for ages
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its not unusual for them to go through an alpha struggle which is certainly what sounds like is happening. I remember when my boys went through one, they were lovey dovey one day and then fighting constantly the next. It was awful while it lasted but they sorted themselves out and everything went back to normal.

I would also give it some time, you never do know whats around the corner (so to speak)

how wonderful of you to care about this boy.
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