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What would you do >>??

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I have an issue with one boss now... She is under alot of stress but it is getting riduculous..

I do resets as many of you know... My issue is this boss seems to want to use MY stores and MY reset to train the new girl on... The new person will not likely ever be doing my stores and lives a good 75 minutes from them, oh and she may not know yet( her mother is my other coworker) .the new person has three stores of her own wouldnt it make sence since that store gets done the next day to train her on her store??.. I cant make the reset time since the boss couldnt give them to use till 9 days before ( usually I have 2-4 weeks which gives time to get the other party notice if a time and date conflict arose) and I am working a shift for another job that requires me to give availabilty for march on feb 1 .... Am I being a brat or is this not right?
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Sorry, hon, what's a reset?
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reset is when you take a section of a store or a dept and redo what is on it ..
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It doesn't make sense to have her do resets at your store, if she is working at another store...unless both stores are identical???
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Myself being a retail merchandiser-- I totally dont understand your boss's reasoning behind allowing the new girl to assist in YOUR resets! Does your boss work in the field or is she/he a desk jobber? (no offense to you desk job people but you have to work in merchandising field to understand)

Can you talk to your boss and maybe mention that since the new hire wont be covering your area that it would be stupid (come up with a different word though ) for her to complete a reset that is not in her territory?

Can i ask if you are freelance or employee? and if employee, is your company or division dedicated to a specific chain or store? When i worked for a Lowe's Dedicated merch company, it was stupid for me to train someone who wasnt going to take over my territory as the stores are all different as far as layout and managment temperments. If this is similar to your case, then maybe you can make this point?

Its a PITA i know, believe me i know-- Ive been doing merchandising for going on 9 years now. if ya cant get out of it just smile and mumble your way thru it and let the new hire do most of the work. LOL
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