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Our female Siamese, Sugar, attacks twisty-ties on the floor with a vengeance. Our Turkish Van, SnowCrash, loves to hide-in and attack the shower curtain.
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Mine LOVE paper bags and boxes, particularly the empty cases from cases of bottled water and such things. Gracie also like the little decoration I have hanging from my bedroom doorknob, and they both chase dust bunnies. They also like pens, bottle caps...but those get taken away pretty quick.
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Pens all our cats love pens and will pleay with them for hours. Eviecat also loves straws and has been known to steal them out of glassess when people are drinking!!
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Oh my. Hair elastics. Sashka and Princess go NUTS over them....seriously. I'm really scared they'll get swallowed so they're all out of reach, but man they LOVE them!

Also, Sunday loves it when you make your hand into a spider and run it around the lounge. It's the only way she'll play - unless you tap her paws with a pen, then she goes NUTS and it's full-on play mode. Her head goes all wobbly, like she's got too many places to look at all at once!

I love that crazy-head thing....sooooo cute - all of ours do it if they get excited enough!
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I didn't know how to describe these thingies (they are the seal thingies inside cartons of orange juice/milk)....but Lucky is obsessive about them and will play with them for hours. She will fetch them, hide them in my bed, and bury them in the comforter! I have people at work who supply me with them since they seem to vanish all the time!

sorry it's a little blurry
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My cats love cardboard boxes & large paper bags!

I used to let them play with straws & milk jug rings, but not anymore since Jazzpurr swallowed a 3 foot long ribbon! Since then, I've heard horror stories of cats swallowing twist ties, hair pony-tail holders, straws, milk jug rings, legos, bows, etc. Anything small enough, they can & may swallow it! Just because they've never swallowed those things in the past, doesn't mean that they'll never do it in the future.

Please don't allow your cats to play with any of those things. I didn't give the ribbon to Jazzpurr, he fished it out of the trash, but I never would have dreamed that any one of my cats would or could swallow such a long ribbon. I didn't even realized that he swallowed a ribbon until he threw it up & continued to throw up continuously. After an emergency visit to the vet, he ended up having exploratory surgery because we thought that he was blocked with a piece of ribbon. It turned out that he wasn't blocked, the vomiting was the result of irritation from passing the ribbon.

I learned my lesson the hard way. Now I am very careful & conscious of what my cats are playing with & can get to!

This is Jazzpurr with the bad ribbon!
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Cleo's favorite toy is probably the furniture, but her play things range from the strings of shoelaces and pajama pants to the remote control. I came home one day and found the TV remote halfway down the bedroom hallway upside down with the TV on in the living room.

Zenon enjoys my slippers, which are multicolored and very furry. Every day when I leave the house, I come home to one or both slippers either missing or even in the bathtub. These slippers, mind you, are so fluffy and heavy that they weigh nearly half her weight and are close to being bigger than her!
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Oscar LOVES water bottle tops and crumpled paper! He goes CRAZY!
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My cat loves to chew on anything that is leather. He has ruined about 5 pairs of leather shoes and about 3 leather bags. he'll just chew and chew on it. My other cat loves to chew on paper. Its very strange.
One of them also likes to chase around q-tips. he won't eat it, other than to carry it around sometimes but he likes to bat it around and chase it into the bathtub.
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Plastic bags.... they love playing with them
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Originally Posted by eburgess
Plastic bags.... they love playing with them

oh man, my cats do too. and paper ones. it drives me nuts to hear that noise sometimes.

Title also has this scary habit of pulling tacks out of the walls.
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When I take the cap (from the plunger end) of a syringe (Mom is diabetic), Ari has to play with it. He would get them out of the trash so now I just throw them at him. He will come running into the room when he hears me get a syringe out of the plastic pack!
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Ooh, another thing the cats love are the little rings around the milk tops. My family still gets milk from a farm down the street, and the bottles (yea, glass bottles. it's so old fashioned) have this little plastic ring around the cap. The cats seriously seek these things out. They're all over the house.
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