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Your Cats' Favorite "Non-Toy" Toy!

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I'm sure there's been a thread about this before, but I was curious as to what your cats' favorite "non-toy" toys are. By that I mean, something that is not intended to be a cat toy, but ends up being one anyways, no matter how many panic mice, jingly balls or other cat toys you buy the little buggers.

Emma loves drinking straws. Loves loves loves them. If you are drinking a beverage with a straw, the little monkey will run right up into your lap and grab it with her mouth, right out of your drink. I have to warn my guests about it!

Oliver is a paper bag connoisseur. He prefers the bags from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to the bags from Dominicks, the regular old grocery store.

They have a gallon ziploc bag full of as-of-yet unused toys in the closet, and everytime I take out a new toy, I wonder why I bothered!

What are your cats' favorite "non-toy" toys?
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All my stuffed animals! And Gizmo will carry around the biggest teddy bear she can find, I found little spots of blood on them once, from her mouth! And she continues to do it! So now they are locked away in my closet
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I dont really know this one. My cats are pretty lazy. So if they arent eating, They are either sleeping, or pooping. lol. They play with each other sometimes, and after that, they sleep. I have many many cat toys, but with a 2 year old daughter, they soon end up in the toy box.

Otherwise, My arpon from waitressing, the strings on it...sometimes get their share of beatings.
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Pens! I used to have a wicker basket with pens on my computer desk and Devin would come, carefully lift one out and drop it one the floor. When he found it out that it did nothing, he'd take it to his "secret" hiding place. All the pens are kept out of reach now!

He's even swipped a pen whilst I was using it. Straight from my hand, I was laughing too hard to really care about my notes.
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My cloth hair ties and straws!! They go crazy playing with both of them!
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Lola has decided her favorite toy is the plastic bottle caps from like a 20 oz. plastic soda bottle.
She is so cute when she plays with them.
She will get one in her teeth on one edge and drop it and chase it around like hockey or something.
It's adorable to watch.

KoKo is a paper bag kinda guy. So is Molly.

Lily likes to steal my straw from my drink when I am not watching.
Took a while to figure out how that was going on.
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Originally Posted by OllyExtra05
Oliver is a paper bag connoisseur. He prefers the bags from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods to the bags from Dominicks, the regular old grocery store.
Tell Oliver he has GREAT taste!
Right now, my cats' fave is a horse lunge-whip! Nothing gets 'em going like that whip, not any of the teasers etc. What's really funny is watching the youngsters go after the end of the whip and JC chasing their tails! they also take turns dragging the handle part while the others hunt the end of the whip! And if I need them all in a hurry, just the sound of the whip getting picked up brings them all on the run--who can figure out why?
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Originally Posted by pjk5900
She will get one in her teeth on one edge and drop it
I used to have a cat that did that with bottle caps. Funny to watch them carry them in their mouths!

Boogs loves any tiny (tiny) piece of paper on the floor. A few times we will see her in the kitchen playing (for a l o n g time) with something, but we can't see it. The other day I got up to see and it was the smallest piece of a leaf (like 1/2 the size of a dime). She sat in there forever playing with that.

Gracie loves plastic bags which are a big NO NO! We have to be very careful to keep them picked up. Twice she's gotten her body through the handles then FREAKED out trying to get unstuck. This just happened the other morning and my husband actually has a bruise on his leg from her hitting his leg running by in a panic. Luckily I was able to grab the sack.
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my cats love boxes they have a card-board house too that they love and love string from when I crochet
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Well its not a toy but lately Bakker is fascinated with the printer and watching the paper come out. And of course watching water rum in the bathroom sink and whirlpool tub.
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milk jugs rings
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Toffee doesn't really have a 'non toy' toy but Magnum goes daft over my trainer socks if they are clean or dirty doesn't matter to him.
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My gloves. Stachey carries them around the house, wrestles them, and now guards them from impending violation after he saw me put them on once! I've been meaning to put photos up of him playing with them.
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Tucker usually likes the regular toys, but Mini loves my make-up wedges. She also likes metal bottle caps,& my hair ties & likes to push Daddy's change off the table-I think she just likes to hear it hit the floor.
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Altoids tins. DH always has several sitting around the house. Tailer just LOVES to climb up on top of the furniture and gently bat them to the floor. They make the most satisfying clanging sound (especially at 2:00 in the morning ). The Forest will swoop in and scoot it around the floor for a while.
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Until I put in the new speakers for the computer, I was using a set of earbuds. Ari decided they were just the right size and spent a lot of time grabbing the earpieces or the wires and trying to run off with them. Fortunately they were plugged in to the computer and he couldn't get far, but one of the foam covers is now gone. Also, any jewelry laying around may get dragged through the house.

Then there is his biggest toy, me. I don't know how many times he was in white tornado mode and would jump me.
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Favorite non-toy toys? The dogs of course! Waggly tails are just too fun to bat at.
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Guitar picks! Hubby has a whole collection of them in a bowl on the coffee table, and they're constantly being pushed under the rug, stereo, TV, etc.. Teufel and Kaylee are here right now, and Kaylee grabbed a particularly fancy one and drowned it in the Fresh Flow yesterday evening.
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Chasey likes crumpled paper balls. She likes straws too, but I haven't put any on the floor for her for a long time.
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My hair scrunchies!
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Plastic milk jug rings and cardboard boxes.

The boxes are so popular we still have our gas grill box in the kitchen (my 90 pound dog can easily fit in it).
The kitties LOVE it, and it gets used as a scratching post more frequently than the actual scratching posts.
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Tigger (the oldest) has decided that straws are the finest of toys. Great howls and yowls of content while "hunting" the straw and than the display to all that he has caught and captured his prey.

Three-legged Charlie has decided that plastic forks are perfect.
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My red patent leather Dansko clogs. she loves to put things in there and then dig into the clogs to retrieve them.
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Whiskey used to love a straightened out metal hanger. He would wrap himself around it and rub his face on it. He doesn't do it as often now. He also likes the plastic shopping bags.
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Definitely plastic milk jug rings!
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Mine like the milk jug rings that are a complete circle. Rocky goes crazy for them, the others are amused. A few nights ago, I left my underwear drawer open. Suzy was going crazy "fishing for thongs". She didn't catch any. They also like to play with their own collars if they have fallen off.
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twist ties esp. large ones like from electronics. milk jug rings and bottle caps too.
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I forgot about packing tissue! Abby LOVES packing tissue slightly crumbled. I keep a few pieces in my dining room for her, and she bring her toys into there and attacks them on the tissue. She also loves to take flying leaps onto it. It's a bit startling to hear if you're not expecting it!
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Milk jug rings are their favorite!
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Anything that isn't tied down!!!

My two will attack anything thats on the ground! But Portias particular favourite at the moment is one of my hair scrunchies!
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