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Kitty problem

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OK, well he's 8 months but still a kitty..anyhow, here's the deal..he had a cold for about a week and a half, and I was going to take him to the vet, but seemed to be improving on his own..he received his 2nd round of shots 3 days ago, and I've noticed around that time that he has been holding his mouth open..almost like he is breathing from it..but I can't feel anything when I hold him close..but he will sit with his mouth about 1/2" open all the time..any ideas? I will take him to the vet, but I am strapped for money at the moment so if this is something typical, then it might save me some $$ that i don't have anyway. The temperature has gotten warmer here in NY, but our other kitty is not doing anything like this...?

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Hi there Sal, Welcome to the site!!
Im going to move this thread over to the Health and Nutrition forum as there are lots of people who will be able to help you there!
Hope you get your baby sorted out soon, though I don't really have any advice for you!
Let us know how he's doing
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Until you get the money scraped together for another vet visit, I would try this. Find a good health food store that carries GSE or Grapefruit Seed Extract (NOT Grape seed entirely different thing) Buy the liquid (it is really thick) and mix 2 drops of this liquid in with kitty's wet food. Make sure you mix it well, as the GSE is quite bitter, but if there is any bacteria or virus floating around, this will kill the bacteria/fungus. Feed kitty this concoction only once a day, not as many times as you normally feed. You can also go to any search engine and ask for a search of grapefruit seed extract if you can't find a place near you that sells it. Good luck!
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Thanks Bod. Well, here's an update..I'll try the GSE for the heck of it.. He sleeps with his mouth shut, he'll just have it cracked a bit when he's up and around..so he's not opening it to breathe, or he'd be sleeping with it open too, right? My sister says her cat is doing the same thing, so it may just be the increase in temperature the past few days...?

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oops sorry, read your original post in a bit of a rush and didn't take in that it was hot where you are. It probably is just a form of cat panting and as soon as he adjusts, it will go away. I know when it gets really hot here in the summertime several of my cats pants while it seems not to bother the others.
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