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Ski rage lands man in jail

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Apparently a teenage (girl) snowboarder accidentally ran over the skis of the man's 7 year old daughter, knocking down both girls. While the boarder was apologizing to the little girl, Dad came over and hit the girl repeatedly with fists in the back of the head and neck, cussing her out.

On the local talk radio, there is apparently a debate about this. I don't understand why there's a debate. I can't see any justification for this behavior on the part of the 52 year old father, unless the teen was beating on his kid. Am I missing something? Is this kind of thing something that parents can understand?
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Wow. That is ridiculous. I cant imagine what people would be debating either. Makes me wonder what the chances are that this father abuses his own child. And even if he doesnt, that kind of parental example is likely seriously harming her anyways.
IMO, the repercussions outlined in the article are not significant enough....what a crazy sad man.
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I accidentally ran over someone's skis when I was learning how to ski. I'm glad they accepted by apology and didn't attack me. This guy is nuts. Granted, there are a lot of kids and adults who will run over your skis, thus scratching them, and not really care, but that is no reason to attack even them. Some people can be really rude about essentially ruining someone else's property, but an accident is an accident. It isn't like she's doing it on purpose (and I have seen people do that!) It can be hard to keep control of your skis!
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No debate - What he did was assult and not justified!

I mean the girl was 17!! And of course she was probably apologising and no doubt about to help them up after knocking them over!!

You have got to wonder about this guy - Obviously some MAJOR anger management issues!
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