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bleeding after birth?

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today's the third day after our cat gave birth, i found droplets of blood in the floor a while ago and found out it was hers. her behind is wet with small amounts of blood. is this normal?

btw, the blood's not totally red, sort of mixed with some water, but the red color still dominates.
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Please call your vet and let him/her know of this. The vet will advise you from there. Bleeding is one of the danger signs to look for after a birth, and it has been three days. Your vet needs a phone call. Please keep an update?
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actually it's only today that she bled, it stopped now, but i'm still worried. thanks for the advice, i will give the vet a call tomorrow morning, i'll keep you updated. tnx again
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it *could* be nothing, but then again, the chance is there that it also could be something. I would rather be safe than sorry.
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Yes, especially since you say there's a discharge other than blood involved - she may have retained some of the afterbirth. She needs to go immediately. To echo Hissy, it's probably nothing, but the potential is quite serious, so don't take a chance.
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I am a little behind on the post, but any cat that has given birth should only have a slight brownish discharge. It can last a few weeks. Anything bright red NEEDS to be seen by a vet. I could have lost my cat for the same thing had I not taken her to the vet right away.
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