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Name help please!

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I hope this is ok to post here If not I'm sorry

My friend wants to start a cat rescue but she is having a hard time finding the right name to call it.

Any suggestions would be helpful

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your friend could call it the Pretty Kitty Cat Rescue or the Wonderful Little Critters we Call Cats Cat Rescue. Good Luck with helping her
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how about "home of dreams for cats"or "cats dreams of homes"
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Sorry I have no good ones but "Hairball House" popped into my head....
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A few general suggestions:

1. Proper grammar and spelling, please! I know of a rescue called Warm Fuzzy's (sic) - urggh! An organization that can't take the time to make sure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in their official, incorporated name gives a first impression of illiteracy, incompetence, or not being all that bright. It's very important to not discredit yourself before you've even begun through careless errors.

2. Clever names are good, cutesy names are not so good. Eventually pretty much every rescue organization ends up doing advocacy work in some form, whether it's talking to the media or testifying before the City Council on proposed animal-related legislation or anything of the sort. Being introduced as the Executive Director of "Cats R 2 Cute, Inc." isn't going to do much for your credibility. Before settling on a name, imagine how it will look printed in the paper or read on the TV news - because hopefully it will be someday!

So with that out of the way, here are a few suggestions:

1. Find a good acronym and make that work. For example, "Partnership for Animal Welfare" (PAW), "Prevent A Litter" (PAL), "Save Our Strays" (SOS), "Alliance to Sterilize All Pets" (ASAP), etc.

2. Word plays can be fun, too. Maybe "Jack of All Spayeds", or "For Paws".

3. Name the rescue after one of its first rescue-ees, one with a great story behind him/her. That way you have a built-in conversation starter that goes right to the heart of what the organization is all about.
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