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How much to feed my babys?

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My order finally came!! I ordered, Nutro Choice Classic Adult 18 x 85 g
Cosma Fish, 6 x 170 g, Nutro kitten and adult complete dry, and, Animonda vom Feinsten for kittens 6 x 100 g.

I am going to feed Nutro wet adult and cosma adult to the kittens as well, it's so much better than the science plan kitten, it looks so tasty! my babys ate it all up, even my fussy Missy.

The question is, how much do I feed daily? Nutro those little tins are very expensicve, and would cost a foture to only feed those.

Missy my adult cat is 1 year old, shes very small cat, doesn't have a big appteite. and shes not to good with dry food, she'll eat some on top of wet but thats as far as she will go.

How much should she have a day?
I read because the foods better you feed less, but how much exactley is less?

I was thinking one tin of her nutro a day, and then buy some of the cheaper tins, for her mixed with nutro dry? these are the tins; http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/c...hes/3655/14034

The kittens on the other hand love there dry, as well as there canned food, is one tin of nutro, or tray of kitten food enough a day, then balanced out with 2 meals of dry?

I really want to make sure, the nutro food is soooo expensive, the tins, and i'm not sure how much I would have to feed, I hope mixing the other cheaper food is a good idea with some nutro dry as well.

theres a range in that food with pouches for kittens which is alittle cheaper so if they fancy no more dry, they could have some of that.

I hope i'm gettuing this new diet right. thanks very much for your help in advnance, and SORRY TO BE A PAIN AND ASK SO MANY QUESTINOS!!

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one tin per 6-8 lbs of wt if a bit of dry is involved... My vet gave me a 1 ounce per lb way and it worked...

I know your "cheaper" food s are a bit better quality than ours so I would say mix if you need to
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I wouldn't be able to feed that much Sharky. Bijou weights 16 lbs and I sure don't want him eating 16 oz. of food a day. I feed him one 5.5 oz. can of Merrick's in the morning and one at dinner time with a 1/4 cup dry in between. Note that Bijou and Mika share food so technically he is not getting a full can morning and night. Mika is also a little piglet so she probably eats more than he does although she prefers dry food and he prefers wet which is great.
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I love your cats. there beautiful look at those bright blue eyes.

It's hard to judge how much to feed them Missys fussy were as the kittens would eat and eat.

Should I give Missy 1 and half tins of Nutro, (or 1 tin and use the Animonda adult on a night to save abit of money) that sound ok? the nutro tins are 85g; http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/c...es/nutro/14055

heres thw adult Animonda; http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/c...hes/3655/14034

Still not sure how much to feed kittens what do you think? 2 pouches/foil trays each a day? or just one? i'm so confused.

these are the kitten products; http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/c...hes/3655/14012


I do have nutro dry as well but they all prefer wet, the kittens eat dry but they definatly prefer wet.
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I didnt mean to confuse you...28 grams to the ounce so 85 is a shade over 3 ounces... so I would say two little cans of 85 grams per day for the ave 6-8lb kitty...

I nearly cried when the vet told me that cause Kandie in her prime was 14 ish ... but the ounce a lb is only if wet feeding only .. that doesnt take any dry food into account or snacks
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