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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Suzy is having her evening prowl outside; Fawn is probably sucking up to Daddy; Cindy is sleeping on her chair a few feet away.

Corrrection: Suzy has just arrived home, presented herself at the basement window, where Cindy (having stirred herself from her nap) has done her level best to break the glass, so Mum would know to go and open the door. Suzy has us both trained.
Suzy is one smart girl!
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Originally Posted by Sar
Oh no! Sam!
It's ok!
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Missy is on the cat chair next to me, rolling around begging for a belly rub

Scampi is on top of the computer moniter sleeping

Baker & Spritzer are on the window ledge

Spalding is walking around meowing for his supper

Not sure what Mister & Betsy are up to
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Miss Tigger is inside tonite, because of local severe storms. She is sleeping on the bed in her room, which is a new guest bedroom that she seems to have adopted....
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Siere is snuggled up on my right arm and Serenity is napping on my left
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in a fabric tube, taunting me to chase her
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Reilly is probably sitting on the other side of the divider upstairs waiting for me to come and see him (Reilly and my mom's cat have to be seperated) Reilly has the upstairs and Simmie has the downstairs.
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Stormy is hanging around the food bowl acting hungry, all the while snubbing the fresh food I just dumped in there!
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Villy is on the sofa with me, sleeping on the freshly laundered bedclothes of course!
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Currently, Miss Tigger is on yard patrol. She has probably found her spot next to the fence facing our neighbor's yard, where she naps most of the day. She'll be coming in before we head out to our Super Bowl party, since it is supposed to get colder tonite.
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Ari is apparently in Mom's room because she justed yelled at him to "Stop that, young man!".

I imagine Topaz is on Mom's bed napping next to Mom.
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Leo is eating...I can hear his tag clanking against the ceramic bowl and Gracie is laying in the doorway of my dressingroom, with the curtain (I took the door down so the kits could get in and out to use their booda dome since they love it oh so much) draped over her...she looks quite comfy
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Abby is on her heated pad, on her back, with all four paws in the air.
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Lets see!
Vanna, Sampson, Pooh bear, Tigger on my bed asleep. Normal for them.
Max is sitting on the front porch in the chair next to the pond.
Simon is stretched out in front of the front door in the afternoon sun.
Trouble is where ever there are no cats.
Mocha is under someone's bed till after dark.
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JJ is in his fav place of the moment he is sitting next to my writting desk peeping around the corner waiting his chance to pounce on the dog
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