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Vibes please

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I go to get three fillings tomarrow morning..... please send good vibes that they havent gotten worse and I only need fillings..
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Good luck! I hope you don't need anything more serious... Keep us posted.
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Oh good luck Jennifer. I hope it goes well going to the dentist is horrid
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Good vibes your way!
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Sending you good vibes...Frankie wants to know what you thought of her newest picture that we emailed you
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Lots of good teeth }}}VIBES{{{ coming your way!

I hope it's just going to be a filling and nothing else!
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Big vibes - I hate dentists, so you're getting extra special big ones from me!
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Best of luck at the dentists!
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
Best of luck at the dentists!
good luck!
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Thank you the first three are done and the pain meds wore off ... but all went well...
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Thats good!! Thats alot of work in one day-esp if you don't like dentists.
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I got to this too late, but I'm glad it went well!! Pamper yourelf this weekend! I know you never do, but force it girl, you deserve some time for yourself!
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I am glad things went well!
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:0 me too ... three down four to go... but I am in so much pain..
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Take whatever they told you to take for the pain - even if at this point it is just extra strength tylenol - give them a call if they didn't give you any instructions or pain meds.

Hope you feel better soon!
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