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Want Some Kitty Loving-Socializing the yungins

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I've read as many of the posts on socializing feral cats as I can for now, so I guess I would just like to share my issue and see what people think or hear advice you have. Chip and CoCo are about the same age (6 monthish). We got Chip when she was about 1 month old and brought her up alone for 4 months. Then we got CoCo (my dad had a mother and a litter out in his barn that he feed and CoCo is one of the kittens that would let him hold her and play with her a little). When we brought CoCo home, I set her up in a small room by herself with all the goodies. I would go in to feed her and change the litter and socialize ....she would actually come to me for petting. So we finally let her come out at her own pace and meet Chip after reading the great advice on this site. No problem there. Now it's been about a month since she's been roaming around the apartment and I'm sad because she'll let Chip touch her and she'll let my husband come to her and pet her but she runs away from me when I try to approach her. It's strange because when I'm sitting on the couch she will jump into my lap, asked to be petted and then fall asleep there but if I try to approach her anywhere else, even if I'm down on her level and bearing treats or toys, she runs away. So should I keep doing the "ignore kitty all but feeding and cleaning litter" or should I do regression therapy and bring her back into a private area and feed her and play with her at a certain time a day. I'm being patient but I don't want her to be afraid of me and nobody else forever. Maybe I'm just being selfish, but I can't help it she's so cute. I guess I just need reassurance! Thanks in advance for your help!

p.s. Having CoCo has been GREAT HELP in socializing Chip who used to bite me all the time but doesn't at all now that she has a sister!

p.p.s. I can't believe my husband is a cat person now.
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I don't have much advice, except that if she jumps on your lap, she obviously trusts you when you sit down. Maybe she isn't afraid of your husband in other situations, because she learned to trust your Dad. She is just more comfortable with men, perhaps.

While it is possible that shutting her in a room will help tame her...why not try doing it while she is free?

Never "bring" treats or toys to her. She may feel pursued when you do that. Instead, sit down away from her with the toys or treats, and call her (and Chip) to you. To me, a big part of taming a shy kitty is putting them in a position to be the one approaching you, rather than you pursuing them. For example, my shy girl Jasmine (previously Red) tends to run from me. So I have been using a long dangly toy to entice her to play. Then I move her a little closer to me, and then a little closer. I also walk around the house dragging a long string or shoelace. Then she is in the practice of "chasing" me around. Again, it is her following me. And even better when the other kitties join in.

Is she going to become a cuddlebug, like her sister Blue? I really really doubt it. But if I keep trying to be creative in how I entice her to interact with me...in time she will realize there is no need to run from me.

Best of luck with CoCo. I have a CoCo, too. My current foster momma.
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I've come to my senses now. I think I was desparate and it was late when I posted last. CoCo and I are playing more and I'm giving her treats and she sees me feeding her and changing the litter and I can tell she's warming up more each day.
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There is a quote about training cats...something like people say cats are hard to train, but mine had me trained in just 3 days! Sounds like CoCo is doing just fine in training you! LOL!
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