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1 bedroom apartment dwellers...

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Hey there!

For those of you who live in a 1 bedroom apartment, how many cats do you have? Do you manage OK?

I may be adding a 3rd to my home within the next few days...
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I have two and they have plenty of room to run around and chase each other, like they're doing right now. My place is small from what I hear, at about 600 sq ft, but I think we could handle another kitty here if I wanted. Can't wait to see pictures of a new arrival!
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I said other... since I have seen 1 bedrooms the size of a house ie 1400 sq ft ... personally I wouldnt do more than two in anything under 900 but that is just me... I like one room per cat so if you have a great design with four real rooms then four cats might work....
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Well, Mik and Lex are pretty attached to each other, so if needed to I could always integrate them by keeping the new kitty in the bedroom and the others in the living room.

I think Mik will adjust really well -- he's so laid back. Lex is a bit skittish, but I think he would like a young playmate.
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I have 2 cats now. I had 3 at one time ( 2 -15yr cats that died within a month of each other and a 2yr Siamese mix) then one (the 2 yr Siamese) but she was too lonely so I added a 1 1/2yr old russian blue mix. Perfect number for me. 3 involved major pooper scooping.
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The key is vertical space. Kitty condos, cat-friendly bookshelves, bunk beds...anything of the sort. For cats vertical space counts just as well as floor space.

I had 8 in a studio at one point and it was crowded but manageable. The bunk bed and shelves kept all of us sane.
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We have 4 and that's fine. IMO height is more important to cats than floor space.

DH asked me yesterday: "Why do we have 4 cats?". I answered: "It's because we don't have room for more".
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At the moment we have just TOsca (but I'm going to bring home DDT from the shelter). At MILs where we're staying temporarily until she gets back from Bali, we're looking after Tosca with MILs two cats. Three seems to work as well.
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ok, i don't live in an apartment, but i used to - i now live in a small [927 sq.ft.] 2 bedroom house. in my apartment, 2 was the perfect number. i now have 3 - & i'm thinking 4 would be okay, but i'm not actively looking for another. but if God sends another needy one my way - i'll probably take it!
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I live in a 700 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment. I have two fuzzles right now, but have been itching to adopt another. As the others have said, vertical space is important. I don't have much of it right now, but hopefully soon, I'll be getting a nice tall cat tree.

Since i will most likely be moving again in August (or sooner, if someone out in Oregon likes me enough to hire me) I'm going to try and wait until after the move to adopt another. I want to get into at least a 2 bedroom out there... God knows, they're cheaper out there.

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I live in a one bedroom apartment and I have 3 kitties. It does seem crowded at times -- only because they love to follow us around all the time. But they have enough room to run and play.
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I have 4 in 400 square feet & it is pushing it, but it just means that I have to be extra dilligent about the litter boxes. I have 3 boxes & scoop 2 x a day with out fail. If I were home more I'd scoop 3 x a day. I also use Cat Attract just to be safe (no one has ever gone outside the box). I think 2 or 3 are good more than that requires a lot more work on your part.
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I have one and with a very active cat I think 2 would be plenty for me but I clicked one.
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Our 1 bedroom is about 850 SF. We have 2 cats and 2 litterboxes. Even if we added another cat, we don't have room for another litterbox.
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My apartment is about 500 square feet, and they have plenty of space to run and chase each other. In fact, I found my last apartment, which was about 700 square feet to be too large just for me and 2 cats.

As others have said, I think a higher cat tree would be a good idea. I will wait until the next cat show comes to town (really soon, actually) and will purchase one should I decide to add another cat.
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I have 2 in 450 or so odd sq. feet and we're totally fine. I could handle another if one showed up here!
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Well, I live in a single wide trailer with 2 bedrooms, but the second is closed because it has all my ex-step-daughter's stuff that my ex-husband still has to get, hmmmm its been a year, somehow I don't think he's going to get it anyway, my highest number has been 9 and 2 dogs with just me and I had 5 litter boxes at that time (2 in the bathroom and 3 in the kitchen, i have a big kitchen) and I can honestly say that I have never felt crowded. The more the merrier I say!! I would love to have more kitties, but with Saph & Simon being FeLV+ my options are limited, and I would take in more positives, but Simon is a nasty boy and beats the pooh out of any other cat. Need to keep stress levels down for their health.
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I have two in a 900 sq ft apartment. Usually it's just about right. We have a large cat tree and they have full reign over anything except the fish tank and kitchen counters.

That being said, I wish I had another bedroom because it would be nice to have place to segerate them when an emergency comes up. Yesterday they got into a fight with each other and had to be seperated most of last night. One was shut up in the bathroom and the other in the bedroom with me. That didn't last long though and around 1 o'clock thye were both in bed with me sleeping soundly.
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