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Sorry Sarah but just caught this thread. I am so happy that Ruby is OK. Your Ruby and Chester remind me so much of my Sam and Spike and I always think of your 2 kids.

What a major relief!!!!
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Yippy for Ruby
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Oh she was SO funny when we just went to collect her. Because she had been sedated for the ultrasound, when we went to get her she was still asleep. She recognised us, of course, and was wagging her tail madly with a big smile, but as soon as she got in the car she just got that kind of blank `I don't know where I am' expression.

Max had to drag her out of the car - he had his arms around her waist and she wouldn't budge, and then she ended up half out and half in - back legs still on the seat, front legs on the ground. Then when he finally got her out she just plonked down in the driveway, so he had to try and lift her inside - even seeing Chester's eager face at the door didn't register!!

Poor wobbly baby, she'll have a good sleep now! (Right after a good drink, I'm
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Oh I'm so glad that Ruby's OK! Extra cuddles tonight for her.
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I'm sorry I missed this during the tech problem we had I am glad Ruby is ok
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Yay Sarah and Ruby!!! I'm so happy she's ok!!!
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