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Ruby off to University vet hospital.

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Our little Ruby, it would seem, has some kind of heart condition

She has been seen by our wonderful local vet, who listened to her heart, and said he couldn’t detect anything, but that she would need more extensive testing to be sure. He wasn’t worried about her, so we left it for a few weeks.

But we are becoming increasingly concerned. For a nine-month-old, active, healthy puppy, she seems terribly unfit to us. She labours after even short bouts of exercise, and tires quickly. She pants excessively, often with no exertion at all – we’ll just find her lying there panting madly. She never seems upset, lethargic or unhappy, she has plenty of energy, there’s just something not….well, right. We feel it in our bones, she’s just not right.

She has a cough, too, although that has been rarely in evidence lately. Once again, the vet told us she was probably irritating her throat chewing some of her toys, but now we are not so sure. She also drinks excessively, and always had. He thought this might be a behviour, and he's probably right, but with the other symptoms we're just not happy about it.

So she’s off to the Murdoch University vet hospital on Saturday. It will take us over an hour to get there, but it’s at the only University in Western Australia that teaches Vet Science, and is reportedly an excellent facility.

Please send vibes for our darling Ruby, we are very worried about her and love her so
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Oh I hope sweet Ruby is OK!!

Sending lots of healthy vibes, and calming vibes for you and Max. She's a lucky girl to have a family who pays attention to her and is willing to go the extra mile to make sure she's cared for properly.
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Thanks Heidi. People may think we're hopelessly overprotective but I wouldn't want to be feeling miserable all the time (if she is) and not have my Mum and Dad do anything about it!!
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The boys and I are sending vibes and prayers for Ruby too! I have a lot of faith in veterinary schools - you have lots of experts there who teach and so are current in their fields! Its always been a great source of comfort to me to know our local veterinary school is availble should an emergency come up for the boys, so I hope it brings you comfort knowing she will be in excellent hands!
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Aww thanks Pam.

Tell me, are your boys Ragdolls or Birmans??
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They're Birmans.
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OH OH!! I LOVE Birmans!!! (Now I see that it says `Sacred cats of Burma' in your siggie !!) I would love to get a Birman - they are my most favourite breed ever, except for Russians, of course!

Thanks for your thoughts - I'll tell my Ruby-girl that the Birman Boys are purring for her!
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I agree, Birmans are amazing! Everything I could have asked for in a cat is rolled up in my two little monsters. We're hoping all goes well with Ruby, and that her kitty, doggie, and human family doesn't miss her too much before she returns again!
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sending lots of prayers to Ruby...
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Awwww, poor Ruby. I hope she gets better soon.
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get well soon Ruby! Hope its nothing serious
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Please keep us posted. Hopefully all of the news will be good news.
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Hope you get soon Ruby!

Murdoch University is fantastic for veterinary science and I know a vet who did her education there. They have wonderful facilities and I'm sure they'll look after Ruby very well.
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<<<<<<Good thoughts for Ruby>>>>>>>>>>
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Any updates on Ruby yet?
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Originally Posted by Sandtigress
Any updates on Ruby yet?
Yep. Unfortunately it looks as though Rubygirl has a structural heart defect. She is booked for an ultrasound on Monday at 10.30.

I am distraught, but probably overreacting.

I'll keep you all posted and thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words
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Sarah, I'm sorry to hear the news about Ruby...one question, has she had a heartworm test? I'll be sending good thoughts her (and your) way!!!
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Thanks Shannon. No, she'll be having the test when she goes in again on Monday. I don't see how she could have it - she's been vaccinated since birth!! - but I guess its always a possibility...
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Oh no Sarah! I will pray everything goes ok for you and Ruby!
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Well, good luck Sarah and Ruby, I am really hoping everything is ok....
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Sending all the good vibes i can out to Ruby! (and of course to Ruby's guardians both feline, canine and human!) Hope the doctors can figure it all out!!
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So, she's off for her ultrasound in a couple of hours....I'm keeping everything crossed and am trying not to think the worst, I'll keep you informed.
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Extra special be well vibes and prayers for Ruby, and calming ones for you and your family!
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I'm hoping that the tests go well and they can figure out what is going on, and how to treat it so Ruby has a very long and happy life with her loving family.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
I'm hoping that the tests go well and they can figure out what is going on, and how to treat it so Ruby has a very long and happy life with her loving family.
Thanks Heidi you're the best

I wish I could be with her for the ultrasound, but Max's show starts today so he couldn't, and I couldn't stay that long from work, really. The vet said we were welcome to stay - he's so great!

But she's there now and I'll find out in about half an hour or so.

I am imagining all kinds of horrible worst-case scenarios and putting myself through agony thinking what if she has to be put down or something like that. I would die if anything happened to her, and I don't think I'd have the strength to be able to say goodbye, either.

But I'm probably totally overdoing it and I need to relax - there's probably nothing wrong with her at all!! **crosses everything**
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The vet just called and said Ruby is absolutely fine - no abnormalities whatsoever.

He said the panting, exercise intolerance could well be behavioural - she's a bit lazy, probably. He also said she's a little overweight. Although he was quick to add we haven't done anything wrong, it's probably metabolic, according to him.

So he wants her to maintain the weight she is at while she keeps growing, and not to put on any more, and she'll be just right once she reaches her full size. He also said that being overweight in her situation is a good thing, because, and I quote, `sick dogs don't get fat'

He did say that it could be caused by something medical, however the `two big ones' have been ruled out - her heart and kidneys - and both are perfect.


I am over the moon!!
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Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! How terrific is that! Way to go Ruby! Congratulations, what a relief!
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HOOORRRRAAAAYYYY!!!! You and Max must be on with that wonderful news!!!
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We certainly are!! I am rapt. My darling girl
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