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Tell me about printers

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My current printer is over 6 yrs old. Believe it or not I've only replaced my ink cartridges once!!!
Anyhow I have been having problems with it lately. I uninstalled/reinstalled. Check the drivers etc.....
With the startup of my business I have been thinking of getting a combo printer/scanner copier. But do I want to print photos too???
I was thinking of printing pictures for my business portfolio. Say of container gardens. But if I did they would have to be 5x7 minimum. I won't do lots and lots-would it then be cheaper/efficient/better quality to print them at say walgreens???
I had eyed up a few HP's and a brother.
Then what about faxing-I think I can do that from my computer????
Once again any advice.
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Lexmark makes a great one but it has 6 or 12 cartridges so if a few went at once it could be pricey...

HP is good but they are pricer ...

I have an hp 3 in1 works great and ink isnt expensive.. but mine isnt the photo model
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My small photo printer (Canon Selphy) only prints 4x6 photos but does a great job and only has one cartridge.

To be honest, I have the HP all in one photo printer and I don't think it does a great job of photos.

You can fax from your computer, but most of the 'free' faxes are not very reliable, but the paid ones are pretty cheap.
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I have a Canon i850, which I bought two years ago refurbished. It has not given me a moment's problem. It was a piece of cake to install and gives lovely copy. Photos print well, especially if you print borderless. It has four ink cartidges: black, yellow, cyan and magenta, which last very well, and expire within a few weeks of each other, but not close enough together that I would want all colours in one cartridge. It is the work of about two minutes to unwrap a new cartridge and swap -- most of that time is the unwrapping. I hope it takes a very long time for this printer to die, because I will not be happy when it does. I will certainly buy Canon again, in a heartbeat.
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I have an Epson all in one, doesn't do a great job of printing photos. Ink is pretty reasonably priced.
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