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March of the Penguins!

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I know I'm a little late in seeing it, but my husband and I watched it this afternoon, since we're both sick, and--what a great movie!
The part where the big vulture-y looking bird got that baby penguin by the neck and carried him off! Bawling!!

For those of you that haven't seen it yet, rent it. It's very sad at points but you learn a lot about a magnificent animal!
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You're right, it is a little teary in parts, but is an EXTRAORDINARY film! It is up for a Best Documentary Oscar! I hope it wins -- it's such a lovely film.
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have yet to see it although i have the vcd at home... better prepare my tissues
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I really really wanted to see this when it was in the cinemas but somehow managed to miss it. I'm going to buy it on DVD because I absolutely love penguins
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I havent seen it yet but I have heard nothing but good stuff. I cant wait to see it!
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I havent seen it yet and don't know wether to now that i know theres sad parts in it
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It' s sitting on my coffee table waiting to be watched- it was my first pick from NetFlix- I love Morgan Freeman and even though he's only the narrator that is reason enough for me to watch the movie. Plus penguins are so cool! (pardon the pun wocka wocka wocka)
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I bought it for my daughter (age 9) for Christmas.

She was horrified of it and NEVER wants to watch it again!!!

We watched it together --- it's rated G I believe??? --- but, it was so sad in some spots (And the scary part where the babies die, etc.) she said it was "just so sad".

I didn't try to explain to her that it is just how nature really is, but she thinks that all penguins live in such a horrible place and have horrible, cold, hard lives.
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Yeah, it was good but sad. I won't watch it again...
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I absolutely loved it. I've seen I think 3 times. They also have a big coffee table book out now that has a bunch of shots that aren't in the movie. OMG they are sooooooooooo gorgeous!
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I love penguins....they're so...uhm, oxymoronish?
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I borrowed the DVD we have at school. It was fantastic. One of my teachers, who is a major animal advocate, can't even watch any part where penguins die. The bonus features on the DVD were great, also.
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how beautifully it was filmed. I purchased it on DVD. For those who found that film moving, I also came across another documentary by accident at a used video store (funny how I am always drawn to animal films!) Anyway it is called "Winged Migration". It is beautifully filmed with sad parts too. The only thing that lacked was good narration. The narrator was french and only rarely said a sentence or two through out the film. It won an academy award in 2003.
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