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Cats Fought with Each Other Today

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I just got home from work and it appears that Gandalf and Samwise had a cat fight nothing too serious and neither of them seems hurt. I will be keeping a close eye on both of them to make sure they're okay. But now they are both hissing at each other.

I've had both of them for nearly two years and this is the first time this has happened. I'm gonna try and seperate them for a little while. I have Samwise shut up in the bathroom right now.

Am I gonna have to go through the introduction at this point in their lives or is this something that will blow over?

Man I was totally unprepared for this this afternoon. I already don't like it.
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Dang it, I just got ahold of Gandalf and it looks like he tore one of his claws out. Looks like the three of us will be making a trip to the vets in the morning. Already have the appointment, 8:30 am. Hopefully both of them come out of this ok.

I just don't know what I'd do if something happened to one of them.
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The claw thing could have just been an accident. Do you clip them regularly? If not they get caught so easily. As far as the fighting goes, as long as there is no bloodshed you really don't need to worry. Cats can play so rough sometimes and you worry watching them but they are just playing. If this is the first time it happened in 2 years then that might just be what hapened.

Have your cats been in a different situation lately where one cat might smell differently then the other? Or maybe you? If you came home to them hissing at each other, it might actually be in reaction to you smeling differently, then they just his at everything. I don't know, just some ideas...also are they neutered? that can be the reason for agressiveness assuming they are both males by the names. GREAT names by the way, now you need to adopt a few more and have a Bilbo and a Gollum or Galadriel too! You should give your cats all LotR names.
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Yeah their both nuetered. And the fight happened before I came home. The lady at the vet's office said that something must have set them off. They havent' been anywhere or done anything that should make them smell different that I'm aware of. However we do live in an apartment and who knows what may be going on in some of the other apartments.

Gandalf was bleeding from his torn out claw earlier and there is something wrong with his eye however that doesn't look too bad. I'm still gonna take them into the vet just to make sure their ok and make sure of how to treat Gandalf's paw. Samwise on the other hand just had Gandalf's claws sitting out of his fur, which makes me think they may have pentrated the skin. I'm not sure, he doesn't seem to be bleeding though. I hate to think that either of the boys might be hurt and me not know for sure. Better to be safe than sorry.

Yeah they play rough all the time, but tonight it was different. Samwise was hunkered down under the bed and growling at Gandalf. Normally Samwise is my Alpha cat so this is a little strange. Gandalf was hiding under the night stand and growling back. They were both mad, mad not play mad.

Oh and both of them hand their collars off when I got home...surprise surprise, they've figured out how to get out of these too. The collars were in different spots though so I think they just figured out how to get them off. Samwise's was in the living room and Gandalf's in the Kitchen.

Sawmise is still shut up in the bathroom because if he and Gandalf see each other then they start growling again. Hopefully this will blow over pretty quickly. Maybe going to the vet will help because that way they will both smell different when we get home. If push comes to shove, I'll stay home for work tomorrow, I'll just have to go in and get some work to bring hom and keep an eye on them. This is so stressful.

As far as getting more kitties...I wish but living in the apartment my limit is two and I'm moving in July so now really isn't the time. But someday, I'll have a Golum, Smeagol, and Bilbo.
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dup post.
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I just wanted to wish you luck...Please keep us posted.
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Well last night was interesting to say the least. There was a bunch of hissing and posturing but no real violence or even attempts at violence. (Just pretty much, two boys trying to act tough) I tired to keep them seperated but neither would go to bed (there was some real crying when I shut them up in seperate rooms, so finally I gave in and thought I'd try giving them the option of sleeping with me) without sleeping with me so finally we all got settled into bed around 1 o'clock last night. I'm a light sleeper so I felt safe doing that. If anything broke out, I would have seperated them and just stayed up all night. I was in and out of sleep all night anyway. But they both slept just fine just on oposite sides of the bed.

Any way, I took Gandalf to the vet this morning and he was running a fever so the vet gave me some antibotics for him. I was told to keep an eye on both him and Samwise for the next couple of days and make sure there aren't any other health issues. Both of them are acting like they feel fine though.

When I brought Gandalf back home there was a little hissing but it seemed to let up after a few minutes. I figure he did smell different. I stayed home another 20 minutes making sure that the were ok. They were acting alright so I went ahead and went to work leaving them both with full run of the apartment. Hopefully this was just a one time thing and I will come home to a peaceful house tonight. They seemed to do better the more they were around each other. If not, I'll start the introduction process.

I just don't understand what could have set them off but something obviously did.
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Cats have different scents when there sick. Thats probably started it in my opinion. Hopefully everything turns out ok with them. Goodluck!

I love there names by the way,
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I am happy that everything seems to be getting better.
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